A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 617

“Han Shi, are you okay?”
“Why is this walking so carelessly?”
When Han Dongmin and others were panicking, Ye Fan’s voice sounded quietly. Later, Ye Fan walked over and helped Han Dongmin and the others up.
“Ye…Master Ye, this…what’s going on?”
Han Dongmin was really shocked. This night dozens of people vomited blood and lay on the ground like ghosts. Anyone who saw it would be shocked.
Even people like Han Dongmin who have experienced big scenes are still trembling all over, speaking with vibrato.
Ye Fan smiled: “It’s just a trivial matter, don’t mention it. Han Shi, sit down first, looking for me in such a hurry, what’s the matter?”
After Ye Fan’s reminder, Han Dongmin remembered his intention.
So he didn’t care to ask about these things, and immediately said to Ye Fan anxiously: “Master Ye, there is indeed a very serious matter to tell you.”
“That Zhou Sheng, Master Ye still remember? He used to lie to me with Liu Chuanzhi for 200 million yuan, but fortunately, Master Ye was able to see through it with the golden eyes.”
“Aren’t they caught by our Yunzhou, but yesterday, Zhou Sheng was picked up by people from Jingzhou.”
“I am worried that Zhou Sheng used the contacts in Jingzhou that he might have escaped control and moved freely outside.”
“This week Zhou Sheng is also considered a small power in Jingzhou. He has a lot of connections in both black and white. Master Ye will still seldom show up outside in the future. I’m afraid Zhou Sheng will let people get revenge on you.
“Such inferior people are used to achieve their goals, but they can be used by any ruthless means. Master Ye has to guard against~”
Han Dongmin said solemnly, looking at Ye Fan, his eyebrows were filled with worry.
However, Ye Fan took a sip of tea while listening, and then smiled: “Han City turned out to be for this.”
“Thank you Han Shi for your concern, but I have resolved this little matter.”
“Solved b2d93c85?”
“What solved it?”
“Could it be that Zhou Sheng’s people have already attacked Master Ye?”
Ye Fan’s words stunned Han Dongmin and his son. They looked at Ye Fan’s smiling face, and the painful groaning of those behind him heard in their ears.
At that moment, Han Dongmin only felt an agitated spirit all over his body, with a thud in his mind, his eyes suddenly widened.
Han Dongmin squeezed out of his seat and stared at Ye Fan in disbelief, “Ye…Master Ye said, these… these people are Zhou Shengcong. The person Jingzhou sent to avenge Master Ye?”
Ye Fan nodded: “Exactly.”
“It’s just a few small roles, it’s not important, I will solve it in a while, so why don’t Han Shi go there in person?”
Ye Fan smiled faintly, and the understatement was so pretentious that Han Dongmin and his son were surprised again.
“These dozens of guys, all…you did it alone?”
Should I go to Nima?
At that time, Han Dongmin and his son were almost trembling mad. They looked at Ye Fan as if they were monsters, and their eyes almost jumped out because of their horror.
Do you have more than 20 guys doing it alone?
Still a while?
“Fan… Brother Fan, you… are you kidding us?” Han Shaojie almost trembled and cried.
Even though these dozens of people were lying at their feet, Han Shaojie still couldn’t believe what Ye Fan said.
After all, Ye Fan’s appearance is really not like a person who can do a dozen to twenty. Isn’t it right, there is no such awesome person in this world, right?

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