A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 618

Han Dongmin also didn’t believe it. As the saying goes, two fists are hard to beat four hands. What’s more, are they still forty hands?
Moreover, looking at the scattered clubs and the like on the ground, it is obvious that these people still carry weapons.
A young man, with his bare hands, turned over dozens of people holding sticks?
What about it?
Don’t dare to write novels like this! !
“Why, don’t you believe it?” Ye Fan took a sip of tea, but at this time he noticed that several people around him were about to sneak away while Ye Fan was talking to Han Dongmin.
This open-air barbecue city is also the exit next to Ye Fan. People in it have to go through Ye Fan’s side.
“Brother Long, I haven’t drunk this wine yet, why bother to leave?”
“Don’t you want my sister to drink with you?”
“Then come sit down and have a drink together.”
At this moment, Ye Fan smiled faintly, with a low voice with a slight smile, but in the ears of the group of Brother Lu Long and Hua Armo, they trembled with fright, and their old faces immediately turned pale, almost staggering On the ground. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Brother…Brother, brother, we were wrong, we were really wrong.”
“Brother, you have a large number of adults, so just let us as a fart.”
Brother Long, the group of people were obviously shocked.
When facing those dozens of big guys just now, Long Ge and they were not as scared as they are now.
His legs trembled.
After all, Ye Fan was too fierce!
Dozens of people fell down with a few feet, and the steel pipes could be broken. Doesn’t that mean that under his feet, their bones could also be broken by him?
Therefore, after hearing Ye Fan’s faint words, these four or five punks knelt directly on the ground with a bang. Tears flowed all over his face, and he couldn’t help begging Ye Fan for mercy.
Ye Fan didn’t even look at them. He sat there, still tasting the tea calmly, and slowly said: “It’s not impossible to let you go. But before that, you will tell my two friends about what happened just now. Thing.”
“I said it myself, they didn’t believe it.”
“Yes, yes, I listen to Big Brother.” Long Ge and others thought that Ye Fan would punish them severely because of the previous things, but they didn’t expect it to be just like Han Dongmin and others telling them about the previous things. These little bastards Naturally overjoyed and thanked Ye Fan for a while.
Then he told Han Dongmin about Ye Fan’s amazing deeds of sweeping the heroes with two fists just now.
Lu Wenjing on the side saw the scene in front of him, and suddenly smiled madly.
“Brother Ye Fan, you are really not ashamed, and let people repeat your story.”
“But, Brother Ye Fan, you are really amazing.”
“With so many people, you will be defeated in a short while.”
“Brother Ye Fan, have you learned kung fu?”
“I want to learn too. Will you teach me later.”
The previous panic and fear had disappeared, and Lu Wenjing had already recovered his smiling face again at this time, with the admiration for Ye Fan on her pinkish face, she raised her head and asked.
At the same time, the little girl seemed to be hungry, and secretly took a skewers and put it in her mouth.
Seeing this, Ye Fan couldn’t help but couldn’t help but laugh, “You girl, you can still eat when it’s cold. Don’t eat it, you have to take it back to your sister Qiu later?”
Ye Fan tapped 61077d94 on Lu Wenjing’s little head, then packed the remaining skewers and put them on the dinner plate by the table, and took them back when he was about to leave.
At this time, Brother Long and the others had finished speaking, and immediately looked at Ye Fan and asked if they could leave.
“Well, let’s go.”
“I have a good temper. I don’t usually like to use my hands. You don’t have to be so scared.”
“However, before leaving, I still want to advise you. From now on, I will still be a kind person, a calm person, and a person who always smiles.” Ye Fan said calmly and faintly. Good-tempered look.
“Yes, yes, we will follow the teachings of our elder brother, and we must be a calm person in the future.” Hearing Ye Fan let them go, Brother Long and the others were immediately pardoned, turning their heads and ran outside quickly, seemingly afraid Ye Fan seemed to regret it.
However, maybe he was running in a hurry, Long Ge was accidentally hit by the Flower Armed Man, and he staggered, and even bumped into the table where Ye Fan was.
The entire table shook violently, and the tea in Ye Fan’s cup spilled out. The plate on the side of the table with the skewers dropped even more, and the skewers with the plate were directly buckled on the messy floor.
Ye Fan’s face went dark, full of anger. The skewers he bought for his wife were beaten by someone…! turn! Up!

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