A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 619

“Brother…brother~, I’m sorry, I didn’t pay attention, I’ll get out of here, get out of here.”
This Brother Long was obviously also very frightened, but Ye Fan didn’t hold him accountable just now about his coveting Ye Fan’s little girlfriend. Now that he accidentally touched the table, Long Ge felt that Ye Fan should not embarrass him.
So he smiled, apologized to Ye Fan a few times, turned his head and continued running.
However, Brother Long didn’t notice at all, Ye Fan’s cold eyes at this time.
The next moment, everyone just heard a bang. Long Ge’s body of several hundred jin flew up and was kicked out by Ye Fan for more than ten meters. After smashing a car window, he fell to the ground. Without getting up, he passed out directly.
“Things that don’t have eyes, how dare you knock over the skewers I brought to my wife, and you will die?”
Ye Fan cursed angrily, and then quickly bent over to pick up the knocked skewers on the ground to see if he could eat it.
At this moment, there was a dead silence.
Ya Que was silent throughout the barbecue city.
Han Dongmin and his son stayed in place, watching the scene before them, but they haven’t recovered for a long time.
“This…this..” Remember to read a book for one second
“So cruel!”
Seeing the man who was kicked by Ye Fan on the ground motionless, many people in the audience twitched fiercely.
Who could have imagined that Ye Fan would explode just because he accidentally knocked over a plate of skewers.
After this step, it is estimated that even if Brother Long is not disabled, he will have to lie down in bed for half a year.
Ye Fan’s sudden runaway scared everyone around him.
The rest of the little gangsters waiting for the Flower Arm Man also trembled.
Now they don’t care about their deep brotherhood. After seeing Brother Long being beaten, these people will run away without looking back.
Ye Fan’s voice was like cold ice, with awe-inspiring anger, but it quietly sounded under the deep night.
What kind of anger is it to make Ye Fan say such a cold voice?
Not only the flower-armed men were stunned, but even the bodies of Han Dongmin and others trembled unconsciously.
Master Ye, is it impossible to kill someone?
Just when Han Dongmin and his son were shocked, the little gangsters of the flower arm man were so frightened that they didn’t dare to move, they knelt on the ground with a bang.
At this time, Ye Fan had already taken his steps, and walked towards the Huabi Man and other small gangsters.
Just when everyone thought that Ye Fan was going to be full of anger and anger to these few of Long Ge’s men, the next moment, Ye Fan threw the dirty plate of skewers on the ground and took a cold drink.
“Losing money!”
Dead still.
Deathly silence!
At the moment of Ye Fan, the entire Lehua BBQ restaurant was silent.
Only Ye Fan’s cold voice echoed.
At this moment, the corners of many people’s eyes twitched unconsciously.
Especially Han Dongmin and his son, both faces are black at this time.
I thought that Master Ye was also a funny comparison. After so long in the mood, the murderous intent was filled with anger, and the result was that people lost money after a long time?
How much is there for more than a dozen skewers? As for the fire?
The Flower Armed Man and the others were also stunned. They thought that they would have to suffer from the disaster this time, but now they found that Ye Fan was just letting them lose money. These people were immediately overjoyed.
Without saying anything, he quickly took out all the money on his body, and turned around after handing it to Ye Fan.
However, when they were about to run, Ye Fan’s words came out again.
The flower arm man was almost crying.
I thought if you wanted to kill, can you just say it?
Would you be scared to death if you play like this?

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