A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 620

“This pot of grilled skewers is only fifty yuan. You can collect the remaining money before leaving.” Ye Fan’s faint voice made the man and the others startled.
“Don’t, brother, a lot of money, just treat you as our filial piety, we don’t want it, we don’t want it~” Ye Fan asked them to collect the money, but they didn’t dare to accept it, so he said in panic.
Ye Fan glared, and these gangsters were shocked.
He didn’t dare to disobey Ye Fan’s meaning, took the money and ran away.
However, before running a few steps, Ye Fan’s voice came again.
“Brother, please, don’t play with us, let’s go?” Tears of these people flowed out. Is there any special way to play with people? It is like walking people like dogs.
“If you leave, take your Long Brother, and I will be angry when I see it.” Ye Fan replied coldly.
The flower-armed men nodded quickly, and they were completely wet in a cold sweat.
This time, Ye Fan finally didn’t embarrass them anymore. These people held the fainted Long Brother, like frightened rabbits, and ran away without looking back. First URL m.
At this time, it was late, and Ye Fan was also ready to go home.
Before leaving, Ye Fan said to Han Dongmin and his son who were still in shock: “Han Shi, thank you for your concern.”
“However, what you just said about hiring a bodyguard for me, I think it’s fine.”
“I am a person of shallow blessing, how can I enjoy this kind of treatment?”
Facing Ye Fan’s faint voice, Han Dongmin only replied with a startled “good” after a long time.
Also, dozens of strong men can lie down. Does such an awesome person need a bodyguard?
“Ye…Master Ye, you go slowly…slowly.”
Han Dongmin and his son waved their hands behind to see Ye Fan off.
Looking at the back of Ye Fan leaving, Han Dongmin and the others were obviously still a little shocked. The tremor and amazement in their hearts had not completely dissipated. At this time, they talked to Ye Fan with a trembling sound.
After more than a long time, Han Dongmin took a breath, and his undulating mood calmed down.
With a scorching gaze, he looked at his son Han Shaojie: “Shaojie, you must do a good job with Master Ye at all costs in the future.”
“I have a feeling that within ten years, this young man will make great achievements. In the future, he will even become famous in China!”
Listening to his father’s peace with Ye Fan, Han Shaojie was shocked.
“Dad, did you praise Brother Fan too much?”
“Brother Fan is certainly good, but whether it’s fighting or betting on rocks, these are just some trails that can’t be displayed. This kind of ability is at most limited to a small group of people who want to become famous. It’s not enough to be a supreme power, right?” Han Shaojie asked puzzledly.
After all, in Han Shaojie’s view, if you want to truly stand out, you must have your own business, or you must be in business and be wealthy!
Either politically, power is monstrous!
And Ye Fan, one does not have his own company, and the other has no official career status, but is just a door-to-door son-in-law who lives in the Qiu family. This kind of person, the future has been limited, at most one or two small areas to gain a reputation, the future is basically difficult to achieve too much.
“No, Shaojie, do you really think that Master Ye’s achievements can only be done in two aspects: betting on rocks and fighting?”
“If what we see is only Master Ye’s, what about the tip of the iceberg?”

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