A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 625

Qiu Mucheng said angrily, looking at her mother, her pretty face flushed with anger.
“shut up!”
“You idiot, I didn’t talk to you, what are you talking about?”
“We asked for Xiaofan, not you.”
“Just take care of your company’s affairs and leave us alone.”
Before Qiu Mucheng could finish speaking, Han Li scolded directly.
After that, Han Li looked at Ye Fan again: “Xiao Fan, Mucheng doesn’t believe us, don’t you still believe that my and your father’s abilities are inadequate?”
“Mucheng can now take charge of a company alone, so she has not all learned from us for such a great ability.”
“The reason why my dad and I did nothing in this life is not incompetence, but because of the lack of an opportunity.”
“And Xiaofan, now this opportunity for me and your dad lies with you.”
“You drank Maojian tea, just say, I’m so busy, can you help?” Remember to read for a second
Han Li didn’t circumvent Ye Fan, but asked directly.
Ye Fanqiang smiled and nodded: “Help, mom, don’t worry, I will help as much as possible. I will tell Han Shi about the things between you and dad. But don’t hold on too much hope. Uncertain?”
“It can’t be done.”
“You want you to speak to Han City, and my work with your dad must be properly arranged.”
“Who is Han Shi? That’s a big man. He is in charge of Yunzhou. The next few small positions, he is not a matter of a word.”
“Come on, with this glass of wine, let’s first celebrate me and your dad, we are about to leave.”
Ye Fan was still vaccinating Han Li so that they would not hold too much hope, but who would have thought that Han Li was already here to celebrate.
He even said that as long as Ye Fan was willing to open his mouth to help them, they would definitely succeed in this job.
At that time, Ye Fan’s old face went black.
Han Li’s words undoubtedly pushed the pot to him.
According to her, if they couldn’t arrange their work, it was that Ye Fan didn’t sincerely help them, and didn’t ask Han Dongmin to help.
Looking at this posture, if they hadn’t become an official, they would have been complained since 7796340f.
That’s it!
Ye Fan’s face turned black at the time.
He originally planned to push this pot on Han Dongmin, but now it’s alright, Han Li and his wife are not reasonable at all, as long as they can’t be regarded as blaming themselves.
In that case, Ye Fan didn’t need to be euphemistic with them.
Just open up and say that this can’t help.
Anyway, sooner or later, I will be complained, I will die early!
In the future, the province was entangled by the couple.
However, before Ye Fan could speak, Han Li seemed to think of something again and poured Ye Fan a cup of Maojian tea again.
“My son-in-law, come and have tea.” Han Li said politely.
Does Ye Fan still dare to drink now?
Of course not!
Mother-in-law’s tea is not so easy to drink!
Ye Fan guessed it almost instantaneously, the mother-in-law specified that there was still something to say.
“Mom, do you still have something to do?” Ye Fan asked in a low voice, but his tone was obviously already a little bit unhappy.
Han Li smiled: “Haha, as expected, my good son-in-law understands me.”
“Xiao Fan, Mom does have one more thing.”
“You help one is also help, helping two is also help. In that case, let’s arrange my niece Feifei’s work.”
“Fei Fei is smart and cute. He still graduated from college. I think, let him be a secret assistant for Han Shi.”
“It shouldn’t be a difficult task, at best, it’s a simple task, just let it go.”
Han Li’s old face was full of smiles, and slowly said to Ye Fan.
Ye Fan’s eyes twitched fiercely.
Even Lu Wenjing felt that her aunt was a little too greedy.

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