A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 626

Qiu Mucheng was even more speechless when she heard this. Finally, she couldn’t help but said to her mother again: “Mom, do you want Ye Fan to help my cousin Han He again? Tell Han City, the mayor who gave my cousin to be promoted to county head?”
When Han Li heard it, she patted her thigh.
“Mucheng, you are right.”
“Why didn’t I expect it just now?”
“Xiao Fan, my nephew, you have to help, tell Han Shi. Let him promote my nephew.”
“This mayor has been working for more than a year, why didn’t he get promoted? At least he has to be promoted to a county head.”
“You have to tell Han Shi.”
Han Li said to Ye Fan confidently.
When Qiu Mucheng next to her saw this, her whole person was almost mad.
“Mom, are you really stupid or fake?”
“Don’t you know I’m telling the truth?” The first URL m.
“Return your nephew, your niece? Are you still letting Ye Fan arrange the work of your brother, my uncle, and my grandma?”
“Do you really think Ye Fan has three heads and six arms, and he can ascend to heaven alone?”
“Furthermore, even if Ye Fan has this ability, they don’t want to see Ye Fan. Why should Ye Fan help them?”
“Ye Fan has come to our Qiu Family for so many years. We haven’t helped others and didn’t say anything. Now that Ye Fan is so burdened, mom, do you feel sorry to go?”
Qiu Mucheng was obviously really angry.
Don’t say anything about his mother’s words, she can’t listen to her as a daughter.
However, seeing Qiu Mucheng yelling at her, Han Li was obviously not the one who was irritated, but also angrily replied: “You son-in-law, I am talking to my son-in-law, what is your business?”
“You dare to shout at me now?”
“The bigger the bigger the less sensible!”
“Qiu Lei, look at the good daughter you taught.”
Seeing that the mother and daughter were about to quarrel, Ye Fan stood up and waved his hand: “Mucheng, Dad, Mom, let me say a few words first.”
Ye Fan spoke, and the room calmed down.
Now that Han Li wanted to ask Ye Fan, naturally he would not stop him from speaking. And Qiu Mucheng is Ye Fan’s wife, and of course she would not disobey Ye Fan’s meaning.
At this time, all the family looked at Ye Fan, waiting for Ye Fan to speak.
“Dad, Mom. I know that although you are old, you have a young heart. In the year of fate, you still want to serve the people. This is a good thing.”
“Mucheng, look at Xiaofan and then you. Xiaofan doesn’t object, what are you opposed to? We are an official, don’t you follow it?” When Han Li heard this, she was overjoyed and reprimanded. Xiang Qiu Mucheng.
“But~” However, at this moment, Ye Fan’s turning point was once again attracting everyone’s attention, “But mom, I just met Han Shi. I helped him choose a rough stone, which happened to be green, so he owed it. I am alone in favor. He came to the company today to return the favor.”
“Now that the favor has been paid, I have nothing to do with Han Shi anymore.”
“People are leaders, we are a flat-headed people, let alone licking their faces and asking them for help, I guess I will find someone in the past, they will not take care of us.

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