A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 629

“Ye Fan, what my parents said just now, don’t take it to heart.”
In the room, Qiu Mucheng took the heavy plate from Ye Fan and ate the skewers that Ye Fan had heated for her. After a long silence, she spoke softly.
After all, what happened just now, my parents did too much.
Even if Ye Fan hadn’t had a deep friendship with Han Dongmin, his mother and others wouldn’t treat Ye Fan that way. They wouldn’t be allowed to drink tea, drink wine, and talk so bad.
Listening to Qiu Mucheng’s apology, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled: “It’s okay, they are all used to it. If they have been so diligent and enthusiastic towards me, I will not be used to it.”
“By the way, when will the company open? Do you want me to call a few people over to give you the town.”
Ye Fan seemed to be joking, then turned the topic off.
Qiu Mucheng also laughed: “I have to wait a few more days. Recently I was writing an invitation, and you said I would like to write a copy with my grandpa. During this period, they spent a lot of time suppressing our Mufan property. Kung Fu, it’s about to open now, so I have to invite them no matter what, so that they can see that even under their pressure, our Mufan Real Estate still opened successfully.
To Qiu Family, Qiu Mucheng always had an inexplicable anger in her heart.
The Qiu family have always looked down upon her and Ye Fan.
Uncle Qiuguang, grandpa and others, even more did not think that they could start the company with a female stream. Now that Mufan Real Estate is about to open, Qiu Mucheng certainly wants to send an invitation to the Qiu family. First URL m.
Even if they didn’t come, that invitation letter was tantamount to slap them in the face, and Qiu Mucheng could well vent his anger.
However, Qiu Mucheng also had her own worries.
“Please, why not please.”
“Just take this opportunity, let’s let your grandpa and those people take a good look at how stupid they were when they drove my wife away.” Ye Fan thought this was a good idea.
“But Ye Fan, you also know that our Mufan Real Estate has just been established and has no reputation. In case of the opening ceremony, few people will come to participate. It will be deserted, let alone exaggerated, I am afraid that we have to let Qiu Muying and the others Showed the joke.”
These days, Qiu Mucheng has been worried about this matter.
Although she was thinking about the grand opening ceremony, she had only a few connections in Yunzhou’s business community, and she was not confident that she would be able to invite big shots.
If there are not many people coming on the opening day, it would undoubtedly be a shame.
Ye Fan comforted: “It’s okay, it’s shameful. Even if there are no big people to join in, the employees in our company can celebrate on their own. Let everyone take their family members. How can it cost hundreds of people.”
“In that case, why not worry about no one going there on the opening ceremony? Why not worry about the excitement?”
“That’s what I said, but…” Qiu Mucheng sighed, her stunningly pretty face was obviously sad and disappointed.
Although what Ye Fan said was pretty good.
But everyone has vanity. After so long, her own company is finally about to open. Of course, Qiu Mucheng hopes that that day will be very lively and will be able to hold a magnificent opening ceremony.
Let Grandpa take a look, let Qiu Muying take a look, let the Qiu family who underestimate her look at him, and Qiu Mucheng can live better after he leaves the Qiu family!
Without relying on Qiu’s family, Qiu Mucheng can also start her own company, and even in the future, can surpass Qiu Shui Logistics!
Just as Ye Fan said, she wanted the Qiu family to realize how stupid they were to drive them away, and she wanted them to regret it.
However, the ideal is very full, but the cruel reality now makes Qiu Mucheng realize that the opening ceremony soon will be unmanageable. And c5624742 and, it is very likely that even a big person can not be invited.
Qiu Mucheng sighed, but did not continue to talk about this with Ye Fan.
“Sister Qiu, don’t you want to eat it?”
“If you don’t eat it anymore, I can eat it all.”

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