A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 630

At this time, Lu Wenjing, who was stealing the skewers next to him, looked up at Qiu Mucheng with her pretty face.
The greasy look made Ye Fan, Qiu Mucheng and his wife laugh immediately and couldn’t help but laugh.
“Quiet, I’m sorry, Sister Qiu has been busy with company affairs during this period of time. You finally came here, but I could not take you to play. You are holding back at home these days. You are definitely not happy. Are you angry with your sister?” Qiu Mucheng said apologetically, gently touching the cute face of the little girl in front of her. I was ashamed.
It stands to reason that Lu Wenjing came to see her from afar. As a sister, she should have taken others out to play.
But the company’s continuous affairs kept Qiu Mucheng unable to make time. Qiu Mucheng suddenly felt guilty.
However, Lu Wenjing smiled: “Sister Qiu, no, who said I’m not happy.”
“These days, Ye Fan’s brother took me to many places.”
“Going to the art exhibition, watching calcites, eating skewers, and fighting with people, it’s just fun and exciting.”
“Ye Fan, you bastard, are you still going to fight with quiet?”
However, after hearing Lu Wenjing’s words, Qiu Mucheng’s beautiful eyes suddenly became cold and stared at Ye Fan fiercely. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Obviously blaming Ye Fan for not leading a good head, and even going to fight quietly with him?
If something goes wrong, how can she explain to her aunt?
However, before Qiu Mucheng blamed Ye Fan, the little girl immediately defended: “Sister Qiu, don’t blame Ye Fan.”
“It was those people who bullied us first, and Ye Fan’s brother was afraid that I would be bullied before fighting with others.”
“But Ye Fan is so handsome, he knocked all the bad guys down in a while.”
“It’s so happy to be with Ye Fan.”
“At home, my mother kept me in various cram schools. Since I was little, I have never been as happy as these days.”
“If possible, I really want to live with Sister Qiu and Brother Ye Fan.”
“Sister Qiu, how about you persuade Ye Fan to let me marry him too.”
“You should be the big one, and I should be the small. Then we can live happily together all the time.”
“Don’t worry, I’m small, I can suffer a bit, and when I marry Ye Fan, let Ye Fan accompany you four days a week, and stay with me for three days.”
“Sister Qiu, you’re the best, then persuade Brother Ye Fan, right?”
“I told him before that he didn’t agree.”
Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan were both amused by Lu Wenjing’s innocent and immature words.
“You idiot, what nonsense are you talking about?”
“How old are you, you just want to marry? Still sleeping with you for three days? Four days?”
“Also, he is your sister 9a567d8e husband, how could you marry him?”
“If he dares to agree, let alone your parents, I won’t let him go.”
Qiu Mucheng said bitterly to Lu Wenjing.
However, between crying and laughing, Qiu Mucheng had to be surprised. In just a few days, Ye Fan had already conquered his sister?
Qiu Mucheng remembered that when Lu Wenjing first came a few days ago, she had great opinions on Ye Fan.
Now, not only does she not persuade herself to divorce Ye Fan, she even wants to marry him?
Thinking of this, Qiu Mucheng’s cold eyes swept towards Ye Fan.
In that way, it seems to be questioning Ye Fan, what did she do to her sister?

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