A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 631

Ye Fan slumped his hands, looked innocent, and then defended: “My wife, the sky is a lesson, I really didn’t do anything to your sister!”
“Then why does she want to marry you so well? She didn’t even let you hold it before.” Qiu Mucheng sternly asked Ye Fan.
Obviously, she remembered that when Lu Wenjing first came, she accidentally rushed into Ye Fan’s arms, how shame and anger Lu Wenjing was at that time.
But now in just a few days, her sister’s attitude towards Ye Fan has changed so much, this has to make Qiu Mucheng surprised and puzzled.
However, facing Qiu Mucheng’s inquiry, Ye Fan smiled helplessly, “How do I know this?”
“It is estimated that after spending a few days with me, I feel that Ye Fan Yushu is in the wind, handsome, intelligent and courageous. I am deeply impressed by my handsome face and extraordinary talents. So I was secretly sent to me and wanted to marry. give me.”
“Besides, your girlfriend Susie, don’t you want to marry me too?”
“A few days ago, Susie’s father called me to marry your good girlfriend?”
“Your husband’s charisma is recognized.”
Ye Fan smiled faintly, with pride and pride on his face.
After all, so many women want to marry themselves, which man would not be content? Remember to read in one second
But as Ye Fan was talking, he suddenly felt the surrounding temperature, it turned out to be a bit cold.
When he turned his head to look again, he really saw Qiu Mucheng’s cold eyes and a stern face.
Finally, Qiu Mucheng picked up the pillow on the bed and slammed it at Ye Fan.
“Smelly shameless bastard!”
“You die for me~”
Qiu Mucheng roared angrily, and Ye Fan hurried away when he saw the situation.
I thought I was worthy of Han Li’s daughter. The speed of this face change was almost the same.
Just now, I apologized to myself apologetically, and at this moment, my murderous intent was rampant to murder my husband.
But Ye Fan was not angry about this, but shook his head and smiled.
Ups and downs, is this life?
After leaving the bedroom, Ye Fan also returned to the study, ready to read and rest.
On the other hand, Qiu Mucheng was still irritated by Ye Fan, and her nose was almost crooked.
Any woman, I am afraid that her husband has a relationship with her girlfriend.
Qiu Mucheng naturally did the same, especially when Ye Fan said triumphantly just now that Susie’s father was anxiously urging him to marry her girlfriend, and Qiu Mucheng was even more angry.
My husband, why should he marry someone else?
Not even a girlfriend!
Thinking of this, Qiu Mucheng felt regretful.
At the Mid-Autumn Night Auction, I shouldn’t have played that scene with Susie. Now it’s fine. My husband is worried about him. He is still his girlfriend. Thinking about this kind of thing makes Qiu Mucheng feel bad. .
Fortunately, Susie didn’t seem to mean anything to Ye Fan now, otherwise, Qiu Mucheng’s situation would be even more precarious.
However, after being reminded by Ye Fan, Qiu Mucheng suddenly realized that her husband was indeed missed by many people.
In the past, Qiu Muying said that Ye Fan was entangled with Xu Lei of the Hongqi Group. Later, his girlfriend’s father wanted to accept him as his son-in-law. Even the former president of the Calligraphy and Painting Association, Gu Longen, wanted to betroth his granddaughter to Ye Fan. , Now even her little cousin Lu Wenjing wants to marry Ye Fan.

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