A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 633

“I’m an idiot, and I want to fool the Mayor of Yunzhou. How dare you?”
“If it weren’t for seeing you doing a lot of things for me in the past few years, I wouldn’t bother to take care of you this time and let you live and die in it.”
In the villa, the man in the nightgown said coldly 0021387c, with a bit of anger in his words.
Zhou Sheng replied bitterly: “Three young masters, the company’s funds are broken, and I have no choice but to take the risk.”
“Also, if it wasn’t for a brat to make trouble. This plan, I’ve already succeeded!”
“It’s all because of that stinky boy who made me fall short for Shan Jiuren, and finally ended up like this.”
When he said this, Zhou Sheng’s palm clenched fiercely, and the words were full of resentment and killing intent.
“You don’t need to talk about this. Failure means failure. No amount of excuses will change the ending of your failure.” The man in the nightgown seemed not interested in understanding this, but interrupted his words impatiently, lightly. After taking a sip of strong tea, he asked immediately.
“You come to me tonight, you shouldn’t be here to complain to me.”
“Let’s talk about it, what the hell is looking for me so late?”
“Since the Third Young Master asked, then I will not hide it anymore. I came to the Third Young Master tonight, and I really have something to ask for.” Zhou Sheng replied respectfully, and then told the young man in front of him about his intentions. . Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
The man in the nightgown frowned suddenly.
“Do you want this young master to condescend to help you deal with a bastard?”
“Or a hillbilly?”
“You are ashamed to say that!”
The man in the nightgown laughed suddenly, with sarcasm and discomfort, and Zhou Sheng was undoubtedly terrified by the cold laughter.
Zhou Sheng hurriedly replied: “Master San, I know that you are usually very busy. This little thing shouldn’t bother you.”
“But, can’t I help it?”
“Although the stinky boy is just a hillbilly, he should be a practicing family. There are dozens of people under me, but he can’t help him.”
“Now I have no other choice but to ask the third master for help with an old face.”
“There are many strong bodyguards around the Third Young Master, and all of them are good at one to ten. If the Third Young Master goes out, then the bastard will undoubtedly die.”
“I hope the Third Young Master can help me this time in the light of the past.”
“If this hatred is not reported, even if Zhou Sheng is dead, I won’t die!”
Zhou Sheng begged hard.
But where did the man in the nightgown care for him, picked up the tea cup, and after drinking it all, he got upstairs.
He turned his back to Zhou Sheng, waved his hand, and said impatiently: “Let this young master help you deal with a country boy, don’t dream. I’m afraid that this kind of thing will dirty my hands.”
“And you, dozens of people have not been able to help a farm turtle. This can only show one problem, that is, your subordinates are also a group of waste.
“This is exactly what I said, a raging soldier, and a raging nest.”
“With a “general” like you, it is not surprising that there are a bunch of trash under him.
“Zhou Sheng, do you think this young master will go to war, just to help a few wastes understand the knot?”
“So, you go, Master Ben, it’s time to rest.”
The man seemed impatient to talk nonsense with Zhou Sheng, and stepped up the stairs.
At this time, at the entrance of the stairs on the second floor, a beautiful lady was waiting there, wearing a thin chiffon dress with naked feet.
“Three young masters, haven’t things finished yet? Xueer can’t wait?”
A charming voice came out quietly, and the man in the nightgown walked over, took the beautiful lady into his arms, and kissed her gently in her ear: “Xue’er, that’s all right.”
Seeing this, the man in the nightgown was about to enter the room with his arms around the beautiful woman. Zhou Sheng downstairs gritted his teeth, but said in a deep voice: “Three young masters, you are so ruthless, I beg you, you are indifferent. me?”

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