A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 635

“I heard that your uncle is a big man in Jingzhou.”
“Especially in the business world, it’s very mixed.”
“If we can’t hang around in Yunzhou anymore, going to Jingzhou to join your uncle is a good place to go.”
At the door, Qiu Mucheng was changing her shoes, but Han Li kept talking.
Hearing Han Li’s words, Qiu Mucheng was speechless at the time.
After so many years, her mother’s temper has not changed at all.
Anyone who is powerful will think of fawning, and then think of borrowing others’ light.
“But Mom, you have to be hard at ironing. If you don’t have the ability, you won’t achieve anything wherever you go. No matter who you go to, you will be looked down upon.”
“It’s like Yingying’s husband’s house. It’s a big family, isn’t it a big man, but what?”
“Don’t talk about borrowing it all, we were all kicked out of the Qiu family.” First website m.
“Aren’t our lessons in the Qiu family big enough?”
“Want to go to the fence? Do you still want to see the face?”
Qiu Mucheng didn’t bother to say anything to Han Li. After a few words in anger, she rushed to the company with her bag.
“Mucheng, can this be the same as you said?”
“Mucheng, you child, listen to mom finish c9429c99~”
“You must be back early in the evening, and welcome your uncle~”
Han Li’s voice spread throughout the corridors of the community.
“This Nizi is getting more and more disobedient.”
“Let her go to the good side, but still not listening.”
“I’m so mad~”
After Qiu Mucheng left, Han Li was still muttering curses, and then closed the door and entered the room.
As for Ye Fan, she originally planned to take a good rest today, but who would have thought that when she just lay down on the sofa and was about to watch TV, the little girl Lu Wenjing rushed over and clamored for Ye Fan to take her out to play.
“Go, Brother Ye Fan.”
“Today is my last day here, and my dad came to pick me up tonight. I am afraid that I will not see you and Sister Qiu for a long time.”
“Sister Qiu can’t accompany me, so just go out with me for a day.”
After all, Ye Fan couldn’t hold back Lu Wenjing’s coquettish pleading, so he had to agree and took her to play outside.
After a while, Ye Fan changed his clothes and went out with Lu Wenjing.
However, at the same time, it was a thousand miles away in Jingzhou. Zhou Sheng had reached the outskirts of Jingzhou in his car and stopped in front of a single-family villa.
Zhou Sheng picked up the phone and called the owner of this villa: “Master Three, I’m here.”
“I don’t know the third young master, can you be prepared? When do we leave for Yunzhou?”
“Well, you arrived very quickly. Let’s wait for a while. When the young master finishes breakfast, he will leave.” A man’s faint voice came on the other side of the phone.
In fact, from the beginning to the end, for the owner of this villa, Zhou Sheng didn’t take it to heart.
The reason why he agreed to Zhou Sheng last night was not because he was afraid of Zhou Sheng’s threat, not because he was grateful for his subordinates. In fact, it was entirely because the old man asked him to go to Yunzhou during this period to do some things.
Therefore, Zhou Sheng’s matter was completely smooth.
Otherwise, a country boy who doesn’t agree with him on weekdays, so how can he be qualified to let him go there in person?

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