A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 636

About ten minutes later.
A sufficient number of luxury cars drove out of the villa slowly.
The wheels spun and the engine roared.
Under the far sky, those Mercedes-Benz luxury cars are just like black swords, tearing the sky, and heading towards the land of Yunzhou!
The low roar, like the low roar of a beast, echoed in the world.
“Brother Ye Fan, you have nothing to do in Yunzhou, and my aunt and others don’t wait to see you. If you don’t want me to marry you, then you can go to Jingzhou with me.”
“I asked my dad to find you a job and send you a lot of money every month.”
“Can it work?”
“You go back to Jingzhou with me, right?” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“You live in my house every day after get off work. You don’t need to cook or do housework. The nanny will do these things.”
“If you are cold at night, I can also warm you up like Sister Qiu.”
At this time, Ye Fan and Lu Wenjing were strolling around Yunwu Lake and chatting.
Maybe it was poor Ye Fan, or maybe he really didn’t want to be separated from Ye Fan, Lu Wenjing invited Ye Fan back to Jingzhou with her.
Ye Fan suddenly shook his head and smiled: “You stupid Nizi, how can this life be as simple as you said.”
“You let me go back to Jingzhou with you, even if your sister Qiu is willing, will your father and your mother agree?”
“Furthermore, your sister Qiu hasn’t found a suitable job for me in three years. How can your dad be able to arrange a job for me?”
Ye Fan smiled lightly, chatting with Lu Wenjing casually.
When the little girl heard this, her cheeks were suddenly raised, and she said angrily: “Brother Ye Fan, are you questioning my father’s ability?”
“Let me tell you, my father is amazing.”
“The company he manages has hundreds of employees? It’s much larger than Qiu’s company.”
“He arranges work for you, it is undoubtedly a matter of one sentence.”
“Furthermore, even if you don’t have a lot of abilities, Ye Fan, but you fight hard.”
“I asked my dad to ask you to be his bodyguard and give you a salary of 30,000 yuan a month. Wouldn’t it be more comfortable than you in Yunzhou?”
“Brother Ye Fan, you can come back to Jingzhou with me. If you are really unwilling to take Sister Qiu, you can take Sister Qiu over. Our house is very big, enough for five people.”
“I see you being bullied by your uncle and aunt all day, I really love you very much.”
Little Lori raised her pretty face and looked at Ye Fan with reddish brows.
Living here these days, Lu Wenjing has undoubtedly seen how unbearable Ye Fan is at 65393e55?
Maybe she really sympathized with Ye Fan, she really couldn’t bear to see her brother Ye Fan, who was so bullied at home.
Listening to Lu Wenjing’s caring words, Ye Fan rubbed her head, then smiled as if to laugh at herself.
He didn’t expect that his dignified Chu family, the chief designer of the Spark Project, Mr. Jiang Dongzhizun, would one day make a little girl pitiful.
If Mr. Han and the others saw this scene, they would probably be laughed at, right?
“Brother Ye Fan, talk to you. If you agree, I will let my dad take you back to Jingzhou tonight.” Lu Wenjing grasped Ye Fan’s hand, and there was hope in those big bright eyes. And caring.
The preferences of children are as simple as that, and they do not have the kind of utility in the world of adults. Just like Lu Wenjing now, she only knows that Ye Fan is good to her, that’s enough. She doesn’t care about Ye Fan’s birth, let alone Ye Fan’s identity. She only hopes that people who treat her well can live better. That’s why she thought about taking Ye Fan away, asking her father to find him a job, and completely changing Ye Fan’s situation.
In this regard, Ye Fan just smiled helplessly: “Silly girl, Brother Ye Fan appreciated your kindness. But it’s really unnecessary.”
“Your brother Ye Fan’s current situation is not as unbearable as you think.”
“Actually, your brother Ye Fan, I am a big man.”
“It is for Yunzhou, Jingzhou, Jianghai, and even the entire Jiangdong dignitaries to be in awe of big people who dare not provoke!”
“Do you think someone as powerful as me can be a bodyguard for others?”
“It must not work.”
“If it is seen by others, your brother Ye Fan will not be laughed at?”

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