A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 647

“Dad, why are you doing this.”
“Brother Ye Fan is also Sister Qiu’s husband, or our relatives.”
“Are you really going to die without saving it?” Lu Wenjing said bitterly, looking at her father with red eyes.
However, Lu Mingze remained unmoved.
“It’s not that Dad doesn’t help him, but that he doesn’t know what is good or bad and is not worthy of my help.”
Lu Mingze sneered. He was undoubtedly dissatisfied with Ye Fan.
This country boy, he didn’t have the ability to tell him, he couldn’t show his face to ask for help, he had to let others rush to help him.
He is not his father, of course Lu Mingze will not be used to him!
“Hmph, do you like to help or not, do whatever you want. Anyway, I’m going to help my brother Ye Fan.” Lu Wenjing snorted angrily, and then got up and walked under the bus.
How could Lu Mingze let her go on her own: “It’s OK, you daughter, I really lost to you.”
“Can I go help him?” The first website m.
“I really don’t know what Ecstasy that stinky boy gave you, so that you can be so good to a door-in-law?”
Lu Mingze was also very helpless. He couldn’t help his daughter, so he had to go down to help Ye Fan.
When Lu Mingze went down, Ye Fan was already surrounded by many people.
The scarred man leaned on the car door with a cigarette in his mouth, looking at the young man in front of him.
“You are Ye Fan?”
“I’m not afraid of death, let you come down, you really come down.”
“I thought you would be too scared to walk?” The scared man shook his head and smiled.
Ye Fan put his hands in his trouser pockets and replied faintly: “These people want to scare me, it’s not enough.”
“Good boy, are you so arrogant when you die?”
“No wonder it offends people!”
Hearing Ye Fan’s words, Scar Man frowned, his smile even more gloomy.
In the end, the scarred man seemed impatient, spit out the cigarette in his mouth, and slammed his feet on it.
The sound of thorns, like the sound of crushed rocks, quietly echoed under the night.
“Fucky boy, let’s talk, why die?”
“Do it yourself, or let us do it?”
After a long period of silence, the cold voice of Scar Man quietly sounded.
However, at this moment, there was a hearty laughter on the bus.
“It’s really nowhere to meet in life.”
“I didn’t expect to see the lord of the royal pavilion in Yunzhou.”
Lu Mingze smiled, but stepped out of the car while Lu Wenjing also followed.
When he saw this person, Scar Man was also shocked: “Who am I, isn’t this Mr. Lu?”
“President Lu has a lot of opportunities every day, why did he come to Yunzhou when he had time, and set up a bus with a group of turtles here?”
When he saw an acquaintance, Scar Man also replied with a smile.
In fact, Scar Man and Lu Mingze are not considered friendships, but some business contacts.
Scar Man is the owner of Jingzhou Martial Arts Center, and there are dozens of thugs in the field. And Lu Mingze who starts a company to do business will inevitably encounter some rogues who come to the company to find trouble. Against these gangsters, the obvious means are not effective. They often find someone to beat up those rascals, and they will be honest.
It is for this reason that Lu Mingze’s company has cooperated with Scar Man’s martial arts several times, and naturally they have known each other at 0e3451f9.
“Isn’t this coming to Yunzhou to visit a relative?”
“You also know that the shortest parent, no matter how busy he is at work, he still has to spare some time to deal with it, right?” Lu Mingze handed a cigarette to Scar Man.
After the Scarlet Man accepted it, he said with a deep smile: “Mr. Lu, I believe you have seen it too. This hillbilly caused something. When I finish dealing with it, we will find a restaurant near our brothers and have a good drink. Before that, I can only get away with it for a while.”

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