A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 648

When Lu Mingze saw this, he hurriedly said, “Don’t, Master Wang. I’m about to tell you about this.”
“This is my niece and my wife’s maiden family.”
“The lord of the pavilion will give me a face and spare him this time.”
“I promise that when I go back, I will let my niece talk about him. In the future, I will let them and my wife come to your house to apologize to the lord of the royal pavilion.
“Huh? Mr. Lu also has such poor relatives?” The Scar Man frowned when he heard this.
Lu Mingze nodded and said helplessly, “Yes. No matter how poor this relative is, we have to recognize it.”
As he spoke, Lu Mingze glared at Ye Fan and shouted coldly: “What are you still doing in a daze? Don’t you think there are enough things to provoke?”
“This is also the lord of the royal pavilion. Forgive you this time. Otherwise, you will suffer today.”
“Hurry up and get me home!”
Lu Mingze said angrily at Ye Fan.
Although the scarred man did not directly nod his head in agreement, Lu Mingze didn’t think he had no face at all. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
After all, if this scarred man’s martial arts gym wants to open, he will have to rely on his company to take care of the business in the future. Otherwise, the scarred man would not have flattered Lu Mingze like this before, and would invite him to drink together for a while.
A crisis was resolved by Lu Mingze in a few words.
In the bus, the people watching this scene were suddenly slightly shocked.
Looking at Lu Mingze, his eyes were full of admiration and respect.
I thought that this man was a big man, and his face was so big, he settled things in a few words.
“This stinky boy, stand a terrific uncle.”
“Otherwise, he will finish the game tonight!”
In the car, everyone shook their heads and sighed in low voices.
“Brother Ye Fan, hurry up~”
At this time, Lu Wenjing seemed to be afraid that the scared man would repent, and quickly pulled Ye Fan, turned his head and walked away.
However, Scar Man’s voice sounded again: “Hold on, I didn’t agree to let him go.”
Lu Mingze frowned, suddenly displeased, and asked the Scar Man in a cold voice: “The lord of the palace, my niece, but a son-in-law from the country, could it be that you don’t even give me this little face. Someone?”
Scar man shook his head and smiled: “Mr. Lu, don’t be angry.”
“It stands to reason that based on our friendship, don’t say you are fishing for one person with me, it is ten or eight. I can’t say anything at all!”
“But as for this hillbilly, I really can’t give it to you today.”
“Just because it’s not me who wants to handle him, but Jingzhou, the third master!”
“The third young master wants to deal with, even if I give you face, but Mr. Lu, do you dare to ask for this face?”
what? ? ?
After Lu Mingze heard the name of the third young master, his old face turned pale, and his whole body shook.
Panicked, Lu Mingze glared at Ye Fan and yelled angrily: “You bastard, I really went to Nima?”
“Three young masters, do you dare to offend?”
“I’m useless, and I’m quite capable of causing trouble!”
“A door-to-door son-in-law, would you dare to provoke someone with this kind of background?”
“Things that live and die!”
“Wait for you~”
“My Lu family was almost killed by your uselessness!”
Lu Mingze was obviously frightened and cursed angrily. His face was pale, and the whole person was panicked.
“Master of the pavilion, sorry.”
“What I said just now is as if Lu Mingze had never said it.”
“This country boy, just do what you should do!”
“I won’t bother with the hosting of the Royal Pavilion here, and I will come back to apologize in the future~”
Lu Mingze said with a pale face, panic. After apologizing to the Scar Man, he took his daughter, and would not leave her head, and never dared to intervene in Ye Fan’s affairs.

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