A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 649

“Dad, I won’t leave~”
Lu Mingze was ready to ignore Ye Fan and turned to leave, but the little loli Lu Wenjing didn’t want to leave at all. She always held Ye Fan’s clothes tightly. How did Lu Mingze pull him, what the little girl did. Don’t let go.
With glittering tears on Qiao’s face, Lu Wenjing still begged her father: “Dad, please, don’t ignore Ye Fan, save Ye Fan~”
“shut up!”
However, as soon as Lu Wenjing’s words fell, Lu Mingze yelled immediately, and with a sudden force, he directly pulled Lu Wenjing over.
“He is not your brother.”
“Our Lu family has nothing to do with him!”
“Whether he is dead or alive, what does he do to us?”
“You damn girl, are you going to be a waste of money and kill your parents?”
“Hurry up with me?”
Lu Mingze said sharply, and the words were full of anger and deep fear. Remember to read in one second
He was really scared.
For fear of being implicated by Ye Fan, Lu Mingze’s family will also suffer disaster.
That’s why Lu Mingze cut his relationship with Ye Fan so eagerly, telling everyone that Lu Mingze had nothing to do with Ye Fan.
Nor can it be blamed on Lu Mingze’s ruthlessness, after all, it is human nature to protect oneself clearly!
Lu Mingze is not a child, he is undoubtedly thinking more about things than Lu Wenjing.
Lu Wenjing can be willful, can be ignorant of the severity, and can ignore the consequences. But Lu Mingze can’t!
He is the head of the family, his words and deeds can almost determine the life and death of his family.
Even if Ye Fan is his wife’s relative, what if Ye Fan’s brother is his daughter.
It is impossible for Lu Mingze to put their whole family in danger just because of an insignificant door-to-door son-in-law.
“Things who don’t know how to live or die, don’t know how to behave with their tails in their own hands, but are causing trouble everywhere?”
“Since you have the ability to provoke, then you have the ability to bear it yourself!”
“Don’t think about others going to wipe your butt?”
Lu Mingze looked at Ye Fan and snorted angrily. Regardless of Lu Wenjing, who was crying in fright, he turned his head and left with his daughter.
At this time, the scared man saw this and immediately shook his head and smiled, and then continued to look at Ye Fan coldly: “How about brat?”
“Even your sister-in-law doesn’t care about you, now you should always know that you have provoked a big person, right?”
“Anyone who is acquainted, don’t hesitate to abandon his legs and kneel down for death!”
Between the sneers, Scar’s words were suddenly cold.
For a time, the cold wind swept through and rolled up three thousand fallen leaves.
At the same time, the scarred man cried and threw the generally sharp knife at Ye Fan’s feet. It seemed that he was about to let Ye Fan break himself.
“Brother Ye Fan, don’t~”
Lu Wenjing, who was pulled aside by Lu Mingze, shed tears at this time, crying in panic.
Scarman and the others sneered sneer, looking at Ye Fan’s gaze like a corpse.
On the bus, all the passengers shook their heads and sighed, looking at Ye Fan, but they were full of pity.
However, just when everyone thought that Ye Fan was already doomed, and was about to kneel down for death.
But who would have thought that Ye Fan actually laughed.
That laughter was Lang Lang, with ridicule, with sarcasm, with the pride and majesty of despising everyone.
“Only you, let me kneel down for death?”
“Do you deserve it?”
“Now, I also give you a chance.”
“Anyone who is acquainted, kneel down and apologize to me, knock three times, and I can let you make a living.”
Ye Fan stood with his hand, and the contemptuous laughter sounded slowly under the night.
“Sorry pen?”
“It’s like an idiot!”
“Things that live and die~”
“I was almost killed by this idiot!”
Hearing what Ye Fan said, the people present were almost frightened crazy.

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