A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 650

Especially Lu Mingze, who directly cursed with a black face and a deep voice.
He thought that Ye Fan was just a waste, but now it seems that he is also an idiot!
Death is imminent, still pretending to be poor?
Does he think he died fast enough? !
Thinking of this, Lu Mingze was all in a cold sweat.
Fortunately, I had just cleared away the relationship with Ye Fan, otherwise their Lu Family was afraid that Ye Fan would really be killed by this fool!
In the bus, the crowd of passengers were in an uproar when they heard Ye Fan’s arrogant words.
“This young man is really reckless?”
“This kind of person is not very capable, and his tone is really not small!”
“There are dozens of people in your family, and you are alone in your family. I really don’t know how confident you are to say such things?”
“This kind of person is not a big bull, that’s a big idiot~” The first website m.
Many people sneered and laughed, looking at Ye Fan like an idiot.
As for Scar Man and others, their expressions were completely gloomy at this time.
They obviously have no patience to consume with Ye Fan.
Scar Man stretched out his hand and took a knife from his subordinates, his face was gloomy, and he walked slowly towards Ye Fan.
Those eyes looked like a bloodthirsty vulture, looking straight at Ye Fan as cold as this.
“Boy, you are the first and last one who dares to make me kneel.”
“I wanted to give you a chance to survive, but no matter what, you insist on seeking death.”
“In that case, I will send you on the road!”
The words fell, and Scar Man smashed with a knife in both hands.
The sharp blade reflected Senhan’s moonlight, and under Scar Man’s hand, I saw that blade split the air wave and directly fell towards Ye Fan.
“This kid is done~”
Many people had already closed their eyes, and Lu Wenjing was so frightened that he cried loudly. Lu Mingze also frowned and turned around and dared not look anymore.
However, the next moment, I only heard a muffled sound of “clang”.
Everyone saw that the blade in Scar Man’s hand broke off!
The broken blade was directly kicked by Ye Fan, and directly hit the thick tree trunk behind him with a clang.
“This… how is this possible?”
At that time, Scar Man was completely confused. Holding a broken knife, he was stunned, and the whole person was struck by lightning.
He did not expect that the steel knife in his hand would be kicked off by the man in front of him?
But when the Scar Man trembled, Ye Fan’s left leg raised suddenly kicked!
Ye Fan slammed his leg on Scar Man’s shoulder, the huge strength heavier, and Scar Man knelt on the ground with a bang.
The hand interrupted the knife and flew out. After swirling in the air, it immediately fell.
There was a stab, impartial, just inserted into the man’s thigh.
A sad scream echoed everywhere.
The blood was flowing, the scar man who was just now domineering and imposing, he was like a waste dog at the moment, holding his injured thigh on the ground and groaning and screaming.
For a while, the audience was dead.
This world is silent.
Only the breeze swept, and the screams echoed.
Ye Fan is still standing proudly, with no joy or sorrow over his delicate face, and a peaceful atmosphere.
As if Pinghu stopped water, the things in front of him were in his heart and did not cause any waves at all.
Then, Ye Fan lifted his face and glanced around with his brows and eyes, e561e2a9, under his majestic aura, everyone present unconsciously took a step back.
But Ye Fan’s eyes didn’t stop on these beam jumping clowns, but looked towards the depths of the dark night, and his indifferent and cold voice quietly sounded. In this night sky, only ghosts echo!
“Zhou, since it’s here, why not show up?”

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