A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 651

“This is hiding in hiding, is it because he is afraid of me and dare not come out?”
Ye Fan’s faint laughter was just like the cold cold wind flowing slowly under the night.
And hearing Ye Fan’s words, those present were shocked again.
Especially Lu Mingze’s old face twitched, and his whole person trembled immediately!
Mr. Zhou?
Could it be that Zhou Sheng is the boss of the Zhou group, a member of the three young masters, and Zhou Sheng can’t make it?
“Could it be that he is here too?”
Just as Lu Mingze was panicking, a bright light suddenly lit up in the dark night.
Immediately afterwards, among the people, in a dark place a hundred meters away, a black Land Rover suddenly started.
The orange light is like a sword, tearing through the long sky.
The black body is even more like a ghost walking in the night, facing the night, toward here, galloping. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
The roar of the low engine roars like a beast.
At the moment when this car appeared, it caused countless people present to tremble.
The wheels spin and the luxury car gallops.
A distance of one hundred meters, unexpectedly arrived in an instant.
Everyone saw that the luxury car was like an arrow from the string, piercing the sky and rushing.
However, at the moment when he was about to hit Ye Fan, he saw the car swept across, like a knife breaking water, a beautiful lightning shift, and the orange light pulled out a beautiful tail wing behind the luxury car.
The tire rubs on the ground, which brings out the ear-piercing and explosive sound.
In this way, amidst everyone’s shock and violent turmoil, the body of this luxury car turned 360 degrees and stopped steadily in front of everyone.
The door opened, and a burly middle-aged man in black, just like that, slowly walked out of the car.
The black leather shoes stepped on the ground, bringing up a low muffled noise. He took off his sunglasses, revealing a majestic and resolute face.
At the moment when this person appeared, that majestic and huge aura made everyone present shudder!
“Who is this?”
“What a strong aura!”
“Even the appearance is so awesome, the direct lightning drifted from the sky!”
“This is a big guy, this is an absolute big guy~”
“The big man behind the scenes appeared, the young man is dead!”
“He’s done~”
After the person in front of him appeared on the scene, a crowd of passengers in the bus exploded again, talking endlessly, and the noisy and tremor echoed in the entire carriage.
Who would have imagined that a sparse and ordinary bus trip would encounter such a thrilling thing.
The grandfather and aunt in the car, lying on the car window, watched the scene with great interest. It feels like watching a blockbuster movie, but also watching with relish.
“Is it really him?”
“What the hell did that wasteful do?”
“Even him?”
Lu Mingze’s face was even more ugly, because of fear and horror, 3a1fb91d took his daughter back and hid.
Lu Mingze had been in Jingzhou for decades, and he had naturally heard of Zhou Sheng in front of him.
This is a cruel role. He just climbed a little bit from a wage earner to where he is now. Not only did he embrace the thighs of the three young masters of Jingzhou, but he also became the boss of a large group, in charge of a 100-person enterprise.
More importantly, Zhou Sheng has a wide network of contacts in Jingzhou this year.
This kind of big guy who can be regarded as a character in Jingzhou, how can he also go from Jingzhou to Yunzhou today?
Thinking of this, Lu Mingze was even more terrified.
He wondered what terrible disaster Ye Fan had caused, and would he even be implicated in the Lu Family?
Just when Lu Mingze was panicking, Zhou Sheng had already walked from the car.
He looked at Ye Fan and smiled coldly: “Master Ye, we meet again.”

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