A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 659

What Ye Fan said was because of him just now.
If Han Dongmin can’t help Ye Fan settle down, this can only show one thing, that is, he Han Dongmin is incompetent!
The master of the city can’t handle even a vicious villain. This is always a shame.
Therefore, Han Dongmin has decided that he will do everything possible to catch that Zhou Sheng when he goes back tonight, and promise Ye Fan that he will never let similar things happen again for the third time.
However, in response to Han Dongmin’s words, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled lightly: “Han Shi, why bother, isn’t Zhou Sheng already there?”
Ye Fan’s words caused Han Dongmin to be taken aback.
After that, Han Dongmin immediately turned around, followed Ye Fan’s gaze, and saw a man kneeling on the ground.
The middle-aged man, with blood on his face and trembling all over, still knelt there and kept kowtow to Ye Fan, still shouting “serve” in his mouth.
I don’t know. I thought that the person in front of me was an idiot, a lunatic, mad?
“Master Ye, he… is he, Zhou Sheng?” Starting website m.
Han Dongmin smoked his old face, but the fox questioned.
He couldn’t believe that the man who was so scared as a waste dog in front of him who bowed down and shouted, would it be Zhou Sheng, the powerful tycoon in Jingzhou?
“Master Ye must be joking!”
“Is this a waste dog?” Han Dongmin shook his head and said.
Ye Fan laughed: “If you don’t believe it, Han Shi will go over and see.”
Han Dongmin hesitated for a moment, and finally walked over with full of suspicion. When the person raised his head, Han Dongmin’s old eyes widened.
“This…this, really?!!!”
The corner of Han Dongmin’s eyes trembled fiercely, and when he saw Zhou Sheng’s face, he was undoubtedly shocked immediately.
“Master Ye, you…how did you do it?”
Han Dongmin had to be surprised.
According to him, this week Sheng was from the Lei family in Jingzhou.
The Lei family in Jingzhou had a profound background and mighty power. Even he did not dare to provoke the Lei family.
This is why Zhou Sheng was so unscrupulous, even if he was wanted, he still didn’t know how to stop, and sent people to deal with Ye Fan many times.
What you rely on is undoubtedly the powerful backer behind you!
Therefore, Han Dongmin had to wonder, Zhou Sheng had such a backer this time, but now he knelt down to beg Ye Fan for mercy, and kept shouting at the word “Why?”
Ye Fan waved his hand and replied lightly: “I don’t know, I just asked him a few words, and he became like this. I can only say that Zhou Sheng is a little courageous this time.”
“Okay, let’s talk about the extra words later. Han City should deal with the scene first. Otherwise, the reporters will be attracted in a while. Isn’t this going to make the headlines of the major media tomorrow?”
Upon Ye Fan’s reminder, Han Dongmin was suddenly excited.
This kind of thing is not a good thing. If it is really stabbed in the media, it will greatly damage the image of Yunzhou City. Maybe Han Dongmin will also be punished.
“Master Ye reminds me that I will deal with it.”
Han Dongmin also ignored Ye Fan’s ins and outs, and immediately ordered the accomplices to be taken away first.
While letting his subordinates clean up the scene, Han Dongmin kicked Zhou Sheng to the ground.
“Zhou Sheng, you also have today?”
“Last time someone took you away, no one talks this time!”
“Cheat me to Han Dongmin first, murder Master Ye again and again, go to jail and wait for death, right?”
Amidst the anger, Han Dongmin kicked up again, only feeling particularly relaxed in his heart.
Han Dongmin naturally has no good feelings about Zhou Sheng!

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