A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 660

This old man, he almost smashed him by two hundred million.
If Zhou Sheng’s plan at that time really succeeded, Han Dongmin’s life is probably over.
With this kind of hatred, Han Dongmin will naturally not take him lightly!
“Han Shi, how about this one, also take it away?” At this time, someone beside him asked Han Dongmin for instructions.
Han Dongmin only noticed that beside Zhou Sheng, there was another person, like Zhou Sheng, who was also kneeling on the ground, bowing his head and daring not to look at anyone, like a frosted eggplant.
But seeing him dress up, he is extra particular.
Injured watches are the world’s top watches worth hundreds of thousands, and the suits on them are handmade Italian brands. These clothes and clothes, ordinary working families, can not afford to eat or drink for three years.
After Han Dongmin saw it, he got angry at that time inexplicably. He walked over and kicked Lei Aoting out for two meters: “At a young age and not doing business, I will follow Zhou Sheng to do such shameful things.”
“It looks like a dog, but I don’t know where the stolen money came from.”
“What the hell is this!” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“It is simply the scum of China, the moth of society.”
“Take it away for me too, severely punished?”
Han Dongmin said sharply, disgust and anger in his words.
Obviously, Han Dongmin regarded Lei Aoting’s as Zhou Sheng’s dog leg.
When Lu Mingze saw this scene next to him, his old eyes twitched immediately.
I thought this Han Dongmin was really fierce, but he was the third young master of Jingzhou, he would dare to kick like this?
Anyway, Lu Mingze felt that Han Dongmin was better than their Jingzhou leader!
At least the leaders of Jingzhou would never dare to beat Lei Aoting so violently.
Although Lei Aoting didn’t have any great skills, his father was awesome, and the family was even more dominant, and all walks of life had their Lei family power.
This kick seems to be Lei Aoting, but in fact it is the face of Lei San Ye of Jingzhou, and it is the face of Lei Family, a distinguished family in Jiangdong!
This kind of profound family has energy from all walks of life in Jiangdong, but it is scary and cruel.
However, Lu Mingze also thought about these words in his own mind. At this time, he didn’t dare to talk too much.
But when Ye Fan saw this, he smiled softly: “Han Shi, your kick just now is amazing.”
“Yeah, Master Ye. Although I have never studied martial arts, Han Dongmin, I usually like to exercise and my body is strong and strong. Maybe I can’t be like Master Ye, with one against ten, but it’s easy to kick a young man. ”
“On this, I only used 50% of my strength. I just wanted to kick it hard. I can kick this scum from the road directly to the drain.”
Han Dongmin didn’t understand the meaning of Ye Fan’s words, and only thought that Ye Fan was boasting about the strength in his legs and kicked people fiercely, so he replied proudly.
Ye Fan shook his head: “Han Shi, I didn’t mean that.”
“What I want to say is, do you know, who is the person you kicked just now?”
“I don’t care who he is? Zhou Sheng, I dare to kick, this is a bastard, don’t Han Dongmin dare to kick it?” Han Dongmin said proudly, not caring.
In his capacity, there are really not many people in Jingzhou who fear him.
Except for those who are more powerful than themselves, it is estimated that only the Lei clan in Jingzhou will remain.
However, Han Dongmin didn’t think that the person in front of him was a child of the Lei clan. After all, the Lei family was a famous family in Jiangdong. How could the Lei family be like him and kneel down to beg Ye Fan for mercy?
Therefore, Han Dongmin didn’t care about Ye Fan’s words.
But Ye Fan shook his head and smiled again: “Han City, this person is the eldest son of the Lei family in Jingzhou, and Lei Aoting, the son of Lei Lao San, the head of the Lei family.”
“Hey, let him take care of Lei Lao San Lei Lao Si, kicked and kicked, there is nothing to worry about…” Han Dongmin didn’t care at first, waved his hand and replied casually, but the words were not finished, Han Dongmin suddenly said. Froze.
“Huh.. Huh? Jingzhou Lei’s family? Lei…Lei Sanye?”
“You said he was… the prince of Lei’s family in Jingzhou?!!!”
With a bang, Han Dongmin felt that he was struck by thunder, and he was immediately stunned. A pair of eyeballs almost jumped out.

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