A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 661

“Ye…Master Ye, are you kidding me.”
“Yes, you must be teasing someone Han.”
Han Dongmin’s face was pale at the moment, and he looked at Ye Fan with a wry smile. In those words, there was more fear than fear.
An old face was almost crying.
He couldn’t imagine what the consequences would be if the person in front of him was really the eldest son of the Lei family.
Ye Fan chuckled lightly and patted Han Dongmin on the shoulder: “Han Shi, I know, you are expecting me to say it now. What I said just now was a joke.”
“But I’m sorry, this is not a joke. He is really the son of Lei San, the eldest son of the Lei family, Lei Aoting.”
At that time, Han Dongmin’s old face turned green, and his whole body trembled with fear. He staggered a few steps. If he hadn’t been supported by his assistant, he probably had to fall to the ground just now.
Han Dongmin was completely stunned. He turned around and stared at Lei Aoting who was kicked aside by him in a daze, his old face twitched. Remember to read in one second
What did he do just now?
Did he kick the prince of the Lei family?
Han Dongmin was almost crying at the time.
He now finally understands why Ye Fan said that he was a great kick just now.
The kick he just kicked was not Lei Aoting, but the faces of Lei Sanye and Jingzhou Lei’s family.
The Lei family is an old and prominent family in Jingzhou!
Before Han Dongmin entered his official career, the Lei family in Jingzhou was already in the dark.
He was transferred to Jiangdong that year. Before taking office, he even went to Lei’s house specially and personally visited Lei’s old man.
The energy and prestige of this big family can be said to be unimaginable!
What’s more, the Lei family has been rooted in Jingzhou for so many years, with many children under its umbrella, and many elites from all walks of life. Now there are people from the Lei family in Jianghai, the capital of Jiangdong province.
It is conceivable that the energy of this Lei family is so great?
Therefore, after learning that the person in front of him was the eldest son of the Lei family, Han Dongmin was not well at the time, and ran over with trembling, apologizing to Lei Aoting while shaking him up.
But Lei Aoting could not survive.
After all, if Ye Fan didn’t speak, would he dare to move?
Of course I dare not move!
Still begging Ye Fan for mercy, let Ye Fan forgive him.
Ye Fan still replied: “I said, you can let Lei San come here in person.”
“I asked you to call, did you call?”
“If you don’t want to fight, I will fight for you!”
“Don’t, Mr. Chu.” Lei Aoting cried at the time, but seeing Ye Fan’s firm attitude, there was no room for negotiation. Lei Aoting had no choice but to bite the bullet and call his father.
Lei’s Manor.
Today Lei Laosan had just returned from the field, but all the members of the Lei family came to greet him.
Even Lei’s wife made a special table of hearty meals for her husband.
Now Lei San is the head of the Lei family, and naturally has absolute authority and prestige in the Lei family.
No, as soon as Lei San came home, all the senior elders of the Lei family came to visit.
“Brother, how about this trip to the east and west borders of the river?”
“Things are going well, are they all going well?”
Lei Lao San’s fifth brother was concerned and asked.
Old Lei nodded: “Well, everything went well. Not surprisingly, one-third of Zao Wou-ki’s property during his lifetime will be taken over by my Lei family. The other two-thirds, half will go to Chen Ao’s control, and the remaining half will go to Li Erguan of Yunzhou, and some small and small businesses, went to Wang Jiexi of Haozhou.”

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