A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 662

“What? Then Yunzhou Li scored two thirds? How did he split so much?” After hearing the words of Lei Lao San, many of the Lei family members were surprised.
You know, before this, in Jiangdong’s circle of big names, Jianghai Chen’s family, Jingzhou Lei’s family, and Haozhou Wang’s family, these three have the same name.
As for Li Er, he is just a rising star with a shallow background. In the power structure of the cities in Jiangdong, he can only be ranked in the second echelon at most, and he can’t talk with them Lei Family and Chen Ao and others. Because the qualifications are not enough.
But now, Li Er of Yunzhou has also been allocated one-third of Zao Wou-ki’s property, and is on par with their Lei family. This undoubtedly made some people in the Lei family feel uncomfortable.
Lei Laosan shook his head, “It’s different now. Now there is a dragon in Yunzhou, and Li Er will naturally get the moon first when he approaches the water tower.”
“If it weren’t for us to join Chen Ao and intercede with Mr. Chu, otherwise, we can’t get this one-third of the property?”
“You know, after the Taishan Martial Arts Association ended, Mr. Chu meant to let Li Er take over all of Zao Wou-ki’s property, and let me and Chen Ao be responsible for assisting. For this one-third, I still mediate with Chen Ao many times You got it, don’t be dissatisfied.”
“After today, this Jiangdong power structure is afraid that there will only be one super three strong. Mr. Chu is respected. After that, I will be the Lei family in Jingzhou, the Chen family in Jianghai, and the Li family in Yunzhou.”
“As for Wang Jiexi of Haozhou, he is too far away from Mr. Chu. Mr. Chu is not familiar with him, so naturally he won’t reuse him. In the future, the Wang Family of Haozhou will probably fall to the second echelon.”
Lei San said in a deep voice, but in his words, there was endless emotion.
As the saying goes, one person gains the Tao, the chicken and the dog ascend to heaven. First URL m.
Yunzhou City had Mr. Chu and other true dragons. Li Er undoubtedly took the great fortune. With the light of Mr. Chu, he walked directly in Jiangdong, completely achieving the same position as his Jingzhou Lei family.
“Hey, if Mr. Chu is from Jingzhou, how good would it be?”
“At that time, our Lei family’s reputation is bound to go further. Under one person, above tens of thousands.” Many people in the Lei family sighed. Obviously I was feeling Li Er’s good luck.
“Okay, let’s not talk about this. The third brother will return in triumph tonight, and a few of us, give the third brother a drink.”
“I wish my Lei family, under the leadership of the third brother, be in full swing in the future!”
“All children born are dragons and phoenixes!”
“The infrastructure built will last forever!”
For a while, the people at the table all raised their glasses and drank, and laughed heartily and vigorously.
However, at this moment, Lei’s phone rang suddenly.
At first, Lei Laosan didn’t care, but the phone kept ringing continuously.
Lei Laosan frowned, picked up the phone and looked at it.
“Brother, something?”
“No, it’s from Aoting.” Lei Laosan replied.
“Haha, third brother, answer your son’s call soon. It is probably also to celebrate the triumph of the third brother.”
“Now Aoting has become more and more sensible, and has gradually gained the same style of the third brother. Now he can be alone, visiting Yunzhou on behalf of my Lei family, and discussing matters with the Li family. At the same time, he will visit Mr. Chu on our behalf.”
“I see, in a few years, our Lei family’s property, Aoting, this child may be able to support half of the country. Those of us who are uncles can give way to rest.”
The Lei family smiled heartily, and the words were full of appreciation for Lei Aoting.
As Lei San listened, the corners of his mouth also showed a gratifying smile.
Which father does not expect his children to become a dragon?
Now that he heard others praise his son, Lei San is of course happy.
Afterwards, he answered the phone and asked with a smile: “Aoting, it’s so late, is there anything wrong with the call?”
However, Lei Lao San’s smile did not last long. Three seconds later, Lei Lao San jumped up from his seat with a touch, his old face was as deep as water, and he shouted in anger.
“You…what did you say?”
“You bastard, tell me again… tell me again?”

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