A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 673

“Today, someone sent an invitation.”
“On Double Eleven, invite our Qiu Family to attend their opening ceremony.”
“Guess, who invited this?”
In the hall of the Qiu family, the old man Qiu sat on the seat, looked at the people in front of him, and said coldly, with a gloomy look.
Seeing this, Qiu Muying hurried up, beat her grandfather’s back and rubbed his shoulders, and smiled and said, “Grandpa, why am I still thinking about this?”
“Isn’t it just an opening invitation?”
“This is a good thing.”
“People invited us to the Qiu family, which shows that they can value us, and it also proves that our Qiu family is a big family.”
“You should be happy about things like this, why are you still angry?”
“Could it be that the invitation sent to you by my third sister Qiu Mucheng failed?”
Qiu Muying said this casually, she didn’t think that Qiu Mucheng really had the ability to manage that Mufan property. Remember to read in one second
After all, Ye Fan offended Wang Xingduo to death. Now since that exhibition, Wang Xingduo is notorious in the painting and calligraphy circles, and he has been banned. Although she sent the painting, Ye Fan was the direct cause of Wang Xingduo’s face scandal.
Qiu Muying estimated that Director Wang had the heart to kill Ye Fan now.
Under such circumstances, Qiu Muying certainly didn’t think that Qiu Mucheng had the ability to run the company.
Unless, she operates illegally!
“Hmph, you can see for yourself.”
However, after hearing Qiu Muying’s words, Mr. Qiu not only lost his anger, but became even more angry. With a cold snort, he threw the invitation on the table with a slap, and the crisp sound reverberated throughout the hall. .
For a moment, everyone was stunned.
Especially Qiu Muying, his face was suspicious.
Could it be that she said casually, still guessing right?
So, under suspicion in her heart, Qiu Muying immediately stepped forward without believing in evil, picked up the invitation and read it.
“Mufan Real Estate, in the golden autumn season, November 11, grand opening. We sincerely invite Mr. Qiu Zhenglun Qiu to come and go.
Signed, Qiu Mucheng! ”
When she saw this invitation, she felt as if she slapped Qiu Muying’s face, and she was dumbfounded.
“She really did it?!!!”
“This… how could this happen?”
“She Qiu Mucheng, has she got the approval?”
“But how is this possible?”
Qiu Muying couldn’t help shaking her head, eyes full of disbelief.
Before that, in order to prevent Qiu Mucheng’s company from opening smoothly, they could be said to have exhausted the calculations, not only using the relationship, and blocking the approval of the qualification certificate of Mufan Real Estate. Later, she even became a painting of Tang Bohu worth ten million. I lent it out, although I made a joke later,
However, in order to snipe the smooth opening of Qiu Mucheng’s company, the Qiu family did take great pains.
But Qiu Muying didn’t expect that this Mufan real estate would still be opened? Even sent invitations.
For a while, everyone in the Qiu family stopped talking, each of them looked ugly, and obviously felt very uncomfortable.
Finally, Wang Qiaoyu took the lead and said: “This Qiu Mucheng is really not a thing. Let’s open it when it opens. Give us any invitations. Isn’t this intentional to anger us?”
“Qiaoyu is right, old man, this Qiu Mucheng is humiliating you, humiliating our Qiu family.”
“Our property in Qiushui died, but their Mu Fan opened its grand opening. Qiu Mucheng must be very proud of it. He also pretended to send us invitations, which is obviously slap in the face!”

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