A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 675

At this time, Qiu Guang also nodded and said, “Father, Yingying’s suggestion is indeed very good. I think, should we follow her?”
“Our Qiu family has been quiet in Yunzhou for long enough now, and it is time to hold a high-profile celebration. For you and for the Qiu family, we will gain some prestige.”
For a time, the whole Qiu family applauded Qiu Muying’s suggestion.
Father Qiu naturally nodded in satisfaction, with a slightly approving look, and looked in Qiu Muying’s direction: “Well, Yingying, you have a lot of ideas.”
“This matter, just follow what you said.”
“On November 11th, my Qiu family will also hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony, and invite the dignitaries of Yunzhou to spend the celebration together!”
With Father Qiu knocking on the board, this matter is undoubtedly so determined.
In addition, Mr. Qiu also asked Qiu Muying to be the main person in charge of this celebration, and Qiu Guang assisted him.
“Yingying, if you have any requirements, please mention it.”
“Since this celebration is going to be held, it will be done well, at least better than Mufan Real Estate.”
“Our Qiu family is in Yunzhou, and we are also a family with a face and a face. We can’t drop the price.” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Do you understand?”
Father Qiu asked Qiu Muying exceptionally.
Qiu Muying confidently replied: “Grandpa, rest assured, this celebration will definitely be held very grandly, and will thoroughly start the reputation of our Qiushui Group.”
“Yeah.” Mr. Qiu nodded in relief, “By the way, Yingying, you have been engaged to Wen Fei for some time. Shouldn’t we discuss the wedding day and quickly settle it down.”
“Is Grandpa waiting for his nephew in a hurry?”
The old man’s words made the whole house happy.
Qiu Muying is also a rare blushing face: “Grandpa, you have to rely on your elders to make things like marriage. We have to decide on this day. Wen Fei and I don’t understand anything. Whatever you say, we naturally listen.”
“Haha~” Seeing Qiu Muying’s blushing pretty face, the old man Qiu suddenly smiled, “In that case, you go back to discuss with Wenfei, pick a time, we can also meet Wenfei’s parents.”
“Yeah, Yingying. You have been engaged for so long. Haven’t we met your father-in-law and mother-in-law? This is not justified.”
“Could it be that Wen Fei’s parents are still not satisfied with the failure of our Qiu family’s granddaughter?”
“Yingying, I’ll ask Wen Fei when I go back tonight. This kind of thing can’t be delayed. Marriage is not a trifling matter. It is better for both parents to meet and talk earlier.” Qiu Guang and others also said from the side.
The Qiu family has always been very proactive about the marriage between Qiu Muying and Chu Wenfei.
But what makes Qiu’s family have to be surprised is that the two people have been engaged for so long, but their parents have never seen a single face.
Before, Wang Qiaoyu and his wife had also made appointments with Chu Wenfei’s parents many times, and Chu Wenfei froze every time, looking for one or another reason and went straight to the confusion.
This procrastination lasted for several months.
Now Father Qiu suddenly raised it, let alone others, even Qiu Muying herself felt a little strange.
Therefore, after the family meeting in the Qiu family dissipated, Qiu Muying returned home and asked Chu Wenfei about it immediately.
“Oh, you said about seeing my parents. Well…” Chu Wenfei’s face changed without a trace, and he was a little hesitant to speak for a while.
“What this and that, Chu Wenfei, what do you mean?”
“Why don’t you want me to see your parents?”
“Honestly, do you really want to marry me?”

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