A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 696

“The one that your mother-in-law touched was a blue and white porcelain from the end of Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China. The cheapest porcelain in the four major towns of my daughter country was 800,000.
“Mom, how is it? I’m not wrong. Your daughter-in-law is amazing. If she says she is worthless, she is worthless. No, Mr. Shen said it, you broke that, only 80 yuan.” Chu Wen Fei smiled immediately, and a few words came out without thinking.
However, Zhang Li’s face turned black at the time: “He said, 800,000!”
“800,000?” Chu Wenfei’s eyes twitched immediately.
Qiu Muying was even more furious, like a hen with only blown hairs, she roared at Shenmeng:
“Eight hundred thousand?”
“Manager Shen, are you kidding me?”
“This broken vase is 800,000, then I have broken those two, don’t you want to say that it is one million?” Qiu Muying asked angrily, full of sarcasm.
To Qiu Muying’s anger, Shen Meng didn’t give her a good face, and replied coldly, “One million?”
“One million can you buy the Ming Dynasty blue and white produced in the official kiln?” Remember the website http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“One million can you buy enamel from the Yongzheng period of the Qing Dynasty?”
“I’m telling you, the two pieces you broke are two million each.”
“Another one, worth four million!”
“Three vases, worth seven million in total.”
“Plus the cost of lost work and mental damage, the total is 8 million.”
“Stop talking nonsense, lose money!!”
Shen Meng was obviously really angry.
Before, they were like Qiu Mucheng and Zhang Li. They broke it unintentionally. Although Shen Meng was angry, he was forgiven.
But this Qiu Muying, deliberately destroying the things in the store, is still so arrogant, arrogant and domineering, how can Shen Meng be polite to him?
Not to mention discounts and concessions, now even the lost work fee is counted for them!
“Eight… eight million?”
Qiu Muying’s face turned pale when she heard this. The original calmness and confidence suddenly disappeared.
She never imagined that this Shen Meng would dare to ask them eight million for the original eight hundred yuan?
“Manager Shen, I think you, the manager, don’t want to do it?”
“Do you know who I am, I am Mr. Chu’s wife, and the daughter-in-law of the Chu family.”
“Your bosses all respect me, Mrs. Chu, and you Master Shen Fei give a respectful toast.”
“You are a running dog of the Shen family, a humble old thing. I don’t know how to respect me. I don’t even say it. You dare to blackmail us?”
“Also blue and white, and enamel?”
“Do you really dare to say?”
“You really are not afraid, I will take your offense to this lady, tell you boss, let you roll your bed and roll!”
Qiu Muying was full of sullen anger, and at this time she pointed to Shen Meng’s face, cursing angrily like a shrew.
Before Qiu Mucheng broke the vase, she only lost two a90efb0c hundred.
Now, this old thing doesn’t give them face or speak, but also blackmails others and makes them pay 8 million?
What does he want to do?
Do you really treat them as fools?
When Shen Meng heard Qiu Muying’s words, he suddenly smiled: “Heh, what a mighty power?”
“Ms. Chu, you’re a fart Mrs. Chu!”
“I will tell you today, unless Mr. Chu intercedes with you, otherwise, the eight million dollars must be compensated, and a dime cannot be less!”
Shen Meng was furious and immediately called the security guard to surround Qiu Muying and Chu Wenfei.
Qiu Muying’s words undoubtedly made Shen Meng even more angry. How could he tolerate a few turtles so insulted?
“You…” Qiu Muying’s eyebrows were panicked, her pretty face pale suddenly.
She didn’t think that she couldn’t pretend to be compelling, but was beaten in the face instead?
Upon seeing this, Chu Wenfei knew that Qiu Muying could no longer control this son, and it was time for him, Mr. Chu, to appear.
He cleared his throat, walked out with his hands on his back, with a stern face, and looked at Shen Meng with a very unpleasant tone: “Manager Shen, Yingying is my wife. If you are disrespectful to her, you are treating me. Disrespectful.”
“This matter, I am very upset.”
“I order you now to apologize to Yingying immediately.”
“As for the eight million, forget it. I won’t hold you accountable for falsely reporting the price.”

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