A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 720

After sending it, Qiu Mucheng added another mischievous smile.
Just forgive that guy.
Forgive Ye Fan for teasing him last night.
There will inevitably be conflicts between husband and wife. Understand each other, take a step back, and the contradiction will be solved.
“Ciao, did you really go?!”
In front of the company, Ye Fan looked at the news from WeChat Shangqiu Mucheng, and was so angry that he burst into foul language.
Ye Fan was depressed at this time.
This special mother, feeling busy for a long time, let others take advantage of the loopholes?
But Ye Fan also knew that Qiu Mucheng could not be blamed for this matter.
After all, Qiu Mucheng didn’t know that she was still waiting for her at home and wanted to join her to attend the annual meeting of entrepreneurs.
I don’t know that this year’s meeting was held as scheduled by Ye Fan, not to mention that Han Dongmin’s call was made by Ye Fan. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Under this blunder, such a dramatic ending came into being.
At that time, Ye Fan had an old face in black, and immediately called Han Dongmin, and questioned for a while, “I asked you, how did you tell my wife?”
“Didn’t you tell him to go home to get his admission ticket?”
“This…this…” Han Dongmin panicked, unable to remember for a moment how he had told Qiu Mucheng at the time. He just replied tremblingly, “Should… should I say it? ”
You should be your mother!
Ye Fan was so angry that he could not wait to follow the wireless signal to kill him.
“Okay, come and pick me up quickly.”
“But, this… is it less than seven o’clock?” Han Dongmin whispered.
“Let you come, you can come, there are so many words.” Ye Fan said impatiently.
Han Dongmin had no choice but to rush over in advance.
Yunzhou Convention and Exhibition Center.
When Qiu Mucheng and others arrived, the cars were already parked outside.
What Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Cayenne~
The luxury cars that are rarely seen on weekdays are all gathered together at this time, all parked outside the venue.
More than that, there are more armed police patrols near the Convention and Exhibition Center, and the security guards on duty stand in two rows at the door. Within a radius of 100 meters, no people are allowed to approach.
“my God!”
“what is it today?”
“Luxury cars gathered!”
“There are so many big people?”
“What high-level meeting is this convention and exhibition center going to hold?”
“Does the richest man come?”
The men and women who walked by talked a lot, all cast their longing envious eyes inside the exhibition center.
For many people, the convention and exhibition center in front of them is likely to be a place that they will never reach in their lifetime.
“A group of turtles!”
“At your level, how can you know what kind of occasion is tonight?”
Susie and Zhang Zhengfu got out of the car and glanced at the onlookers outside with disdain. How strong is the sense of superiority in the eyebrows?
“Come on, Cici, don’t be arrogant, go in.”
It was the first time to participate in this kind of entrepreneurial event, Qiu Mucheng was undoubtedly a little excited, pulling Susie and walking forward together.
“Any invitation?”
When they arrived at the door, the staff briefly looked at the admission ticket in Zhang Zhengfu’s hand, and then let it go. After a polite greeting, the lady of etiquette led them to the venue.
And not long after the three of Qiu Mucheng left, a number of luxury cars drove outside the exhibition center.
When the car door opened, Qiu Muying, who was dressed up and glorious, assisted Mr. Qiu and walked down.
“Grandpa, how is it?”
“Your long-cherished wish for many years, now relying on me and Wenfei, has it been achieved for you?”
“Your granddaughter me, it doesn’t hurt in vain, right?” Qiu Muying said triumphantly, her eyes full of pride.

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