A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 729

“What, Qiu Mucheng, do you take the initiative to admit it yourself, or invite grandpa to come up and let grandpa confront you in person?”
In the venue, Qiu Muying sneered at Qiu Mucheng, who was pale and ugly in front of him.
It is like a victorious general, mocking his defeated general wantonly.
In the end, it seemed that she was afraid that Qiu Mucheng would not admit it, and Qiu Muying even moved out the name of Elder Qiu.
She didn’t believe it, when things reached this point, Qiu Mucheng would still dare to die?
Qiu Mucheng did not speak, but raised her head and looked down the stage.
Her gaze looked around until finally, it fell to a spot among the crowd.
Father Qiu and Qiu Guang were sitting there.
After feeling Qiu Mucheng’s gaze, Mr. Qiu suddenly snorted: “What shamelessly, how come I, Qiu Zhenglun, have a granddaughter like you?”
“It’s a shame to my Qiu family!”
Old man Qiu was full of anger, he didn’t even want to look at Qiu Mucheng again, so he turned his head directly. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
As for Qiu Guang, when he looked at Qiu Mucheng, he shouted angrily: “Asshole thing, you also do such shameless things?”
“Wait for your ruin!”
Qiu Guang’s voice is not loud, but in the trembling and silent hall now, it is so harsh.
Qiu Mucheng’s pretty face was even paler at that time.
“Qiu Mucheng, don’t you still admit it?”
“Now that’s the matter, do you still want to pretend to be?”
“You really want me to invite Grandpa up, can’t you confront you in public?”
Qiu Muying was aggressive, but she didn’t leave any face to Qiu Mucheng at all.
For a while, the entire venue was quiet, and everyone was waiting for Qiu Mucheng’s own answer.
“Mucheng, no~”
Susie shook her head constantly to tell her not to admit it.
After all, once such things are revealed, Qiu Mucheng’s reputation in the entire Yunzhou business community will undoubtedly be completely gone.
She will be ruined!
Zhang Zhengfu also tried to persuade Qiu Mucheng not to admit it.
However, in the face of Susie and others’ persuasion, and Qiu Muying’s aggressiveness, Qiu Mucheng smiled.
The smile was sad, with bitterness and sadness.
“Qiu Muying, congratulations, you won.”
Qiu Mucheng smiled sadly, and after speaking, she turned around and bowed deeply to everyone present, and said apologetically.
“Sorry, everyone.”
“She was right.”
“Our Mufan Real Estate is just a small company.”
“We don’t have a thousand employees, and we don’t have an industry across the country.”
“We are just a small company in Yunzhou that has just started.”
“We lied to everyone.”
“It turned out to be true!”
“My God~”
“It turned out to be a fur company!”
“Fortunately, I still regarded her as a role model for adult life, the goddess of Yunzhou, she was a liar who loves vanity for a long time?”
“It’s a human face and animal heart!”
“Bai Chang has a good skin, so dark in his heart?”
“Married a useless husband?”
“A hillbilly woman, dare to come out and bluff?”
“Who gave her the dog face?”
After hearing Qiu Mucheng’s admission, the crowd suddenly exploded.
Everyone only felt that there was a deceived anger in their hearts.
Who would have thought that the beautiful president who was regarded as a goddess by them just now would be a vanity liar or a useless wife?

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