A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 731

“Steal… Steal?”
“Is this impossible?”
“I personally brought it from home, how could it be stolen?”
Zhang Zhengfu’s old face twitched and he was dumbfounded.
He didn’t expect this to be the result?
At that time, Zhang Zhengfu said to his father, and then Han Dongmin called and asked them to attend the annual meeting of entrepreneurs.
Obviously, it was his father who helped them win this opportunity through the mediation, so Zhang Zhengfu went home to get the invitation letter without even thinking about it.
Zhang Xiaosong was not at home at the time, and Zhang Zhengfu saw that there was an invitation letter on his father’s table, and he thought that Zhang Xiaosong had prepared them for them, and took it directly without thinking.
But now, they actually said that the person invited by this invitation letter was not them.
“How is this possible?”
“Look up carefully again, isn’t it Zhang Zhengfu?” First website m.
“Or is it Qiu Mucheng? Is it Susie?”
Zhang Zhengfu still asked without giving up.
After all, this is a matter of his face.
Before, he patted his chest to pack the ticket, vowing to give Qiu Mucheng a guarantee that the invitation letter was on his body.
Now the other party actually said that he stole it?
What did Qiu Mucheng and Susie think of him?
Still not really treating him as a thief?
“You must be mistaken.”
“Is there anything wrong with the invitation Han Shi personally called us?” Zhang Zhengfu shook his head and kept talking, even asking Manager Xu and others to read it carefully.
“I’ll go to Nima!” Manager Xu was annoyed, and directly slapped Zhang Zhengfu’s face with a slap, pulling Zhang Zhengfu to the ground with a snap.
“Stubborn mouth when you die?”
“Now dare to involve Han City?”
“You scum, who gives you the courage?”
“Hurry up!”
Before, Manager Xu didn’t chase them directly, because he was worried that they would have an invitation letter.
After all, according to the rules, as long as you have an invitation letter, you can enter the convention and exhibition center to participate in the annual meeting.
But now, after learning that their invitation letter had been stolen, he naturally had no scruples. After slapped Zhang Zhengfu, he immediately ordered the security to drive all three of them out.
Seeing the three Qiu Mucheng, who were driven out of the hall by the security guards like mourning dogs, everyone felt refreshed and scolded.
“Really deserve it~”
“How many terrapins dare to come this way?”
“It’s really easy to live!”
“Now these poor people are really more and more courageous. Did the trouble come to such an occasion?”
“Just such a scum of corrupt quality, are you embarrassed to start a company?”
“Mufan Real Estate, everyone is an enterprise. They don’t even have the minimum integrity.”
“This kind of company isolates it and makes them bankrupt~”
Until this time, everyone was still scolding.
The opening invitation of Na Mufan Real Estate was crushed by their disdain.
But at this moment, Qiu Muying was hitting the iron while it was hot, like Susie before, grandly inviting everyone present to participate in their Qiu Shui Logistics ribbon-cutting celebration.
“This celebration was jointly organized by Qiushui Logistics and Hongqi Group.”
“At that time, more than the general manager of Hongqi Group will be there in person.”
“And Mr. Wu Yong, the eldest son of Wu City, was invited to go.”
“I, Qiu Muying, look forward to your visit!”

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