A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 75

Damn it.
This is so shameless.
Hearing Chu Wenfei’s unceremonious words, Shen Fei on the side nearly slapped this guy with anger.
Still kicking your nose on your face?
Think of yourself as Mr. Chu?
If it weren’t for Mr. Chu’s low-key, he needs you to top the bag, can’t you be killed today?
Shen Fei had a curse in his heart, and for the first time he saw a strange character like Chu Wenfei, and he wanted to paint directly for his father.
Shen Jiuyi also sank his old face, but finally agreed.
“Since Mr. Chu likes it, I will show it to you.”
“Dad!” Shen Fei was anxious when he heard it. He had no problem with sending tens of millions of paintings to Ye Fan, but the hanging hair in front of him was a fart. Does he deserve such a good painting?
Shen Jiuyi interrupted him: “Don’t talk nonsense, go quickly. Call your Uncle Liu, ask Uncle Liu to go to my study, and bring the paintings I treasured to Mr. Chu.” Remember the website http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Shen Jiuyi’s words are majestic and beyond doubt, Shen Fei immediately went to handle it. Soon a spirited old man rushed to the Yunjing Hotel and gave Chu Wenfei a framed painting.
“Mr. Chu, this is the real work of Tang Bohu. You have to collect it. Is it worth ten million?” Shen Jiuyi smiled inexplicably.
Chu Wenfei was so happy at the time, and he couldn’t put it down looking at the painting.
“With the intention, Shen always has the intention.”
“Husband, let me take a look, let me take a look too.” Qiu Muying and Wang Qiaoyu’s mother and daughter also had their eyes bright, eager to see.
Not long after, Ye Fan returned, but everyone’s attention was on the painting. However, no one cared about Ye Fan, but Qiu Mucheng’s gaze had been on Ye Fan all the time, never moving away.
Soon, the meal was over.
Chu Wenfei and the others were afraid that Shen Jiuyi would take the painting back again, so they didn’t want to stay any longer after eating, so they left and left.
“Miss Qiu Family, please stay.”
While everyone was leaving in a hurry, Shen Jiuyi quietly stopped the two of Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan who were walking at the end.
“Is Shen always calling me?”
Qiu Mucheng was slightly startled, and suddenly wondered.
Shen Jiuyi nodded: “The third young lady is beautiful, and she is more beautiful than Huajiao. This painting is perfect for Miss Qiu.”
While speaking, Shen Jiuyi asked Shen Feijiang to pass the painting that he had previously given to Ye Fan to Qiu Mucheng.
“Are you sure it was given to me, isn’t it for my fourth sister?” Qiu Mucheng suddenly panicked and confirmed again.
She knew that the father and son had some poor eyesight, and she recognized the wrong person.
Shen Jiuyi shook his head and smiled: “Miss Qiu is really good at making jokes. Today’s banquet is mainly for Chu…for you. We should apologize for how many offensive sons have offended before. As for the others, they are just touch The light of Miss Three is nothing more.”
Shen Jiuyi’s remarks were not right. If Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan were not for a husband and wife relationship, how would the Qiu family have the right to eat here today.
“No, no, it’s too expensive.” Qiu Mucheng still declined.
“If the third lady doesn’t accept it, then I won’t forgive my father and son. I hope that Miss Qiu won’t make us embarrassed~” Shen Jiuyi said respectfully, putting his posture very low, almost begging Qiu Mucheng to accept it.
“Mucheng, accept it, you deserve it.”
At this time, Ye Fan’s voice faintly sounded. When Shen Jiuyi and Shen Fei heard this, they suddenly let out a long sigh of relief.
Ye Fan’s acceptance of this painting is undoubtedly equivalent to accepting their apology and forgiving them. The Shen family and his son were relieved immediately.
At this time, the Qiu family had drove away a long time ago, but no one noticed that Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng had an order.
After accepting the ancient paintings, Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan were also sent home by the Shen family in a car.
“Send Mr. Chu~”
“Send Mr. Chu~”
Outside the Yunjing Hotel, the Shen family, father, son and others looked respectful and watched Ye Fan leave.
At this point, the banquet also came to an end, and Shen Jiuyi also let out a long sigh of relief: “A worry in my heart is completely resolved.”
“Dad, when did we have two paintings by Tang Bohu?” Shen Fei suddenly asked what was in mind at this time.
Shen Jiuyi shook his head and smiled: “Stupid son, Tang Bohu’s paintings are hard to find. It is already extremely rare to have one pair of paintings. How come two pairs?”
“Then the painting you gave to that foolish hat?” Shen Fei was even more puzzled.
Shen Jiuyi chuckled: “That pair, I painted it myself.”

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