A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 76

The old house of the autumn family.
At this time everyone in the Qiu family had also returned. Except for some women and Taoists who left after leaving with the old man, the rest, such as Qiu Muying and Qiu Guang, who held important positions in Qiu Shui Logistics, followed him into the room.
“Wen Fei, is that painting ready?”
“Tang Yin’s painting is a good thing, and it must be properly collected.” Chu Wenfei also followed. Now Chu Wenfei has become the benefactor of the entire Qiu family, even if it is Old Man Qiu, he appreciates him. As if he had already regarded him as his half-grandson.
“Today, our Qiu family must thank you. If it weren’t for you, I’m afraid that my old man wouldn’t be able to eat a full feast once in his lifetime.
In the hall, the old man Qiu laughed, and Qiu Guang and others also cast admiring glances at Chu Wenfei.
“It’s really better to see it than to hear it. This Manchu Feast is worthy of a feast for the emperors. It is different after eating.” Qiu Guang couldn’t help feeling.
The Qiu family did not expect that in order to entertain them, the Shen family had set up a table full of seats.
“Plus those noble red wines, I’m afraid that this period of meal today will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.”
Chu Wenfei smiled faintly: “Grandpa, uncle, if you want to eat, just tell me. Granddaughter-in-law will take you to eat again. Anyway, I will eat, free of charge.”
“Haha~ Wen Fei still has the face, our Qiu family has followed you all.” Remember to read a second
After a short chat, I soon got to the point.
Qiu Guang and Qiu Luo are like old man Qiu reporting the company’s business status. The more he listens, his expression becomes more gloomy.
“Many of our logistics warehouses have been in disrepair for a long time, and there are many safety problems. This inspection by the relevant departments has indeed exposed many of our problems.”
“Fortunately, Wen Fei will help. Otherwise, the business license will not be revoked. The fines alone may make our company go bankrupt.” Qiu Guang said in a deep voice. The current company situation is definitely not optimistic.
Father Qiu was also full of worry: “Well, if you find a problem, you have to rectify it. But if the old warehouse is renovated, the goods must be moved to the new warehouse.”
“By the way, Qiu Guang, has the approval for the construction of the new warehouse that you urged you before come down?”
Qiu Guang shook his head: “Dad, you also know that government departments are very inefficient. This approval still needs a special person to urge. Moreover, as far as I know, Director Li who is in charge of this approval is also a difficult role. The second time I visited, I didn’t even see anyone. Wen Fei has a strong background. Would you like Wen Fei to help?”
“Uncle, don’t bother my husband for this kind of thing. My husband just helped our Qiu family so much. You have caused him to have a relationship. My father-in-law will also think that our Qiu family has too much trouble.” Qiu Muying But it directly dispelled Qiu Guang’s thoughts.
“Yes, it’s because the uncle has not thought about it well. I really can’t trouble Wen Fei’s family anymore. But this approval is always urged. Or, if you send someone to stand at the door of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau every day, you don’t believe you can’t bet that Li Director.”
“Hua, do you want to do this?”
“No, no, I don’t have time. I usually have heavy tasks. How can I have time?”
Qiu Guang asked several people in succession, but refused for various reasons.
After all, in this big summer, people are blocked by the wind and sun every day, so they can’t be roasted into pig liver? This kind of errand is a fool.
“Uncle, I think I will let my third sister do it.”
“The third sister caused such a disaster to our Qiu family before, and my grandfather was kind and did not hold her accountable. Now is the time for her to give back to our Qiu family.”
Suddenly, Qiu Muying smiled coldly, and then pushed Qiu Mucheng, who had been sitting silently in the corner, to the cusp of the storm.
“Sister Si, you really love your third sister. I can’t think of your third sister for other things, but I remember this kind of thing.” Qiu Mucheng didn’t answer, but Ye Fan replied coldly.
“Why, listening to your tone, are you still unwilling to let your wife go?”
“When you were eating and drinking, your husband and wife ran faster than anyone else. Now you are not happy to give you some tasks?” Qiu Muying was heartbroken and disgusted with Ye Fan and his wife.
What’s more, today because Ye Fan pretended to be Mr. Chu, his husband was beaten twice. Qiu Muying had already suffocated her stomach, this time she had to take care of the couple.
“Yes, yes.”
“If you eat the Qiu family and drink the Qiu family, you still don’t work? How can there be such a good thing in the world?” The others in the Qiu family also agreed.
“Well, Yingying is right. Mucheng, leave this to you.”
“If you can’t do it well, don’t go back to the Qiu family. Our Qiu family will not raise waste!”
Qiu Guang’s words were low, but with an indisputable majesty, there was no room for Qiu Mucheng to discuss.
Father Qiu didn’t speak, obviously acquiescing to Qiu Guang’s decision.
“Okay, I will do it.” Qiu Mucheng was no longer silent, gritted her teeth and agreed.

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