A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 754

After hearing this, Shen Jiuwan only understood.
Do you dare to be in the wrong place?
Thinking of this, Shen Jiuwan was also depressed, and his old face sank immediately.
Second Austria!
“It’s not Mufan Real Estate, what are you leading me to do?”
“A group of turtles!”
“It was almost broken by you!”
“Hurry up and get the watch for me?”
Shen Jiuwan’s old face was green, and he scolded out of anger. He took the Rolex gold watch from Chu Wenfei aside, turned his head and left.
“Autumn Water Logistics?”
“What shit company?” Remember to read a book for one second
“I haven’t heard of it before, and have the face to be congratulated by our Shen Group?”
“A group of turtles, are you also worthy?”
Shen Jiuwan undoubtedly got more and more angry about going to the wrong door.
If this spreads out, he Shen Jiuwan can’t make people laugh out loud?
Participating in a celebration can still get into the wrong door. I guess his brother will scold him if he knows it!
Thinking of this, Shen Jiuwan is undoubtedly even more angry.
Swearing as he walked, he vented his anger on the Qiu family.
Then, in the stunned gaze of the people in the hall, they saw that Shen Jiuwan, after walking out of the Yulong Hotel, directly entered the Mufan property opposite.
Mufan Real Estate.
There are only a few people in the company of Novosibirsk. Without exception, they are all company employees.
But everyone was depressed, with an ugly face, standing there uncomfortably.
No one was present at the opening ceremony of the company. Employees of the company naturally felt ashamed.
Qiu Mucheng was silent. Although she tried to be calm, the embarrassment and sadness in her heart were still so vivid.
Today’s ending, even though she had expected it.
However, Qiu Mucheng still felt desolate and wronged in her heart when she saw the empty hall and the opening ceremony that no one cared about.
After working hard for so long, it ended up like this.
No matter how strong the heart is, it will hurt at this time, right?
This is useless. ”
“Success is not enough to fail.”
“Isn’t our family miserable enough?”
“Now I am bewitching our Mucheng to hold an opening ceremony.”
“I think you are intentional, deliberately to shame our family.”
At this time, Han Li was still cursing at Ye Fan. The harsh sound echoed through the entire hall.
“Mom, have you scolded enough?”
“Don’t blame Ye Fan, it’s my own responsibility.” Qiu Mucheng couldn’t listen anymore, but defended Ye Fan.
At this time, Qiu Mucheng still helped Ye Fan speak, and Han Li was undoubtedly even more angry: “Why don’t you blame him?”
“If it hadn’t been for this useless instigation to encourage you, would we be so humiliated today?”
“He is a waste, wants money and no money, wants people to have no connections, and keeps clamoring for the opening ceremony.”
“If he really has the ability, don’t just fart here. If he has the ability, please invite a few millionaires to give his wife a place in town?”
As soon as Han Li’s words fell, the company’s door was pushed open.
“Excuse me, is this Mufan property?”
Seeing the middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes with a flattering and respectful smile in front of him, the entire hall was stunned.
“Are you?” Qiu Mucheng wondered.
“I am Shen Jiuwan, the vice president of Shen Group.”
“Today, on behalf of the Shen Group, come to congratulate.”
“I wish Mufan Real Estate a good business and financial resources!”
Shen Jiuwan’s respectful voice echoed for a long time.
But all the people in Mu Fan’s house shuddered, and Qiu Mucheng stood up from his seat in shock.
Shen Group?
Shen… Shen Jiuwan?
Yunzhou giants, the Shen family?
The arrival of Shen Jiuwan undoubtedly set off a monstrous wave in the otherwise deserted and calm Mu Fan property.
While Qiu Mucheng, Han Li and others were still in a tremor, Ye Fan’s faint voice was quietly sounded when they lost consciousness for a long time: “Well, Shen Family, it’s also intentional.”
“Since you are here, find a place to sit.”

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