A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 756

“Fourth brother, is it yours?” Qiu Guang looked at Qiu Luo on the side again.
Qiu Luo’s old face twitched, and he shook his head quickly: “No…impossible. My prestige in Yunzhou is not as good as your brother?”
“A big man you dare not invite, how dare I invite?”
“That’s not Big Brother’s person, nor yours, who would it be for?”
“Could it be…”
Thinking of this, the eyes of the full hall turned to Chu Wenfei in the center of the hall.
“Wen Fei, Miss Li, are you here?”
Among the people in the Qiu family, the only one who might be able to invite the Li family was probably Chu Wenfei.
Although the Yunzhou Chu family is not like the 1bd8d542 rich family of the Shen family, its power and status in Yunzhou are undoubtedly much higher than the Qiu family.
What’s more, Chu Wenfei’s family is said to have something to do with Wu City.
Therefore, relatively speaking, the possibility of Li Xueqi flying over Chuwen is undoubtedly the greatest. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
But Chu Wenfei was also a little confused at this time.
He doesn’t remember any contacts between his family and the Yunzhou Li family.
After all, Li Erye has an irreplaceable position in Yunzhou, and he is the leader of the entire Yunzhou.
And their Chu family first came to Yunzhou for only seven or eight years. Even though they have accumulated a lot of wealth by relying on real estate management, their background is far too poor.
When the status gap is too great, their Chu family can’t talk to the Li family naturally.
Chu Wenfei remembered that the only time his father had contact with Li Erye in so many years was when Wu Yong’s father had set up a meal and borrowed the light of Wu Shi.
Even his dad can’t climb the high branch of the Li family, let alone he is a junior?
Therefore, Chu Wenfei, who has always been high-profile, was undoubtedly persuaded when facing the people of the Li family, and he did not dare to recognize it.
Shaking his head again and again, he said tremblingly: “Yes… it shouldn’t be.”
Seeing Chu Wenfei shaking his head, Qiu’s family was suddenly surprised.
“Could it be that she also went to Qiu Mucheng and his family?” Jiang Hong guessed wildly.
Wang Qiaoyu exploded as soon as he heard it, and cursed directly: “Nonsense!”
“That family is useless, Princess Li will go to congratulate them when she is blind.”
“Okay, it doesn’t matter who is here. Let’s go out to meet you first. When we meet, we naturally know who is here.” Seeing that no one dared to pick up this guest, Qiu Guang suggested that everyone in the Qiu family Let’s meet together.
Chu Wenfei did not follow, but stayed in the hall to greet the guests. Father Qiu also sits in the middle hall, waiting for Princess Li’s parents to come to congratulate him.
As soon as they left the hotel, Qiu Guang, Qiu Muying and others saw a beautiful and beautiful figure approaching.
I saw Li Xueqi dressed in a white dress, with a dusty and stunning temperament, and a rare smile appeared on her cold pretty face at this time, and she walked in the direction of the Qiu family.
“Miss Li, your daughter, who can come to our remote places, my family in autumn, I am flattered.”
Qiu Guang and others laughed excitedly, with respectful and flattering faces, and quickly stepped forward to shake hands with Li Xueqi.
Li Xueqi smiled politely and said, “My uncles are polite. It is also an honor for Xueqi to be able to participate in Mr. Chu’s celebration.”
“I wonder if Mr. Chu and Mrs. Chu are here?”
Li Xueqi’s words shocked everyone in the Qiu family.
“I’m going, it really came from Chongwen?”
“Wen Fei’s family, is it so powerful already? Did the Li family come to congratulate themselves?”
Qiu Guang and the others trembled for a while, and they undoubtedly looked at Chu Wenfei by three points again.
Afterwards, Qiu Guang and others looked at Qiu Muying on the side.
“Looking… for me?” Qiu Mucheng was stunned at the time, her pretty face panicked, a little flattered.
Obviously, even she did not expect that the eldest princess of the Li family actually came for her husband’s reputation!
Is her husband so awesome already?
“Yingying, what are you doing in a daze? Miss Li made a special trip to cheer you up, why don’t you go and thank them?”
When Qiu Muying was panicked, Wang Qiaoyu who was on the side was so happy that he only felt out of the limelight.
The eldest princess of the Li family in Yunzhou came to hold her daughter-in-law’s place, which is too big to be pretended.

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