A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 757

After being reminded by Wang Qiaoyu, Qiu Muying woke up from the endless ecstasy.
Immediately, he hurried forward, full of excitement, laughing and shaking hands, and thanked the woman with dusty temperament in front of him: “Haha, Miss Li came from afar, and I and my husband Chu Mr. I feel honored and grateful.”
“We don’t know in advance, we have missed a long way to welcome, please forgive me.”
Qiu Muying is an arrogant temperament, but in front of the princess Li’s family, she naturally dare not put on airs.
After all, can the gap between status and status lie here?
Li Xueqi came to congratulate them today. Qiu Muying didn’t think that the Li family was here to flatter them. He probably just came to cheer and give face to her husband.
Qiu Muying naturally didn’t dare to neglect her face like this, with full of honor and enthusiasm, she held Li Xueqi’s hand without letting go.
“You are, Mrs. Chu?”
“Mr. Chu’s wife?”
Qiu Muying’s enthusiasm made Li Xueqi somewhat flattered. Remember to read in one second
As the vanguard of the Li family, she arrived early this time, one purpose is to help her brother to investigate the situation, and the other purpose is to get closer to Mr. Chu’s personal relationship.
You know, after the Taishan Martial War, Mr. Chu became famous in the first battle, swept across Liuhe, and became the honor of Jiangdong. The 18 prefecture-level cities in the province were all based on them. Even big men like Chen Ao, Condescendingly.
With such dignity and status, Yunzhou Li’s family is naturally struggling.
Li Xueqi offended Mr. Chu because of her ignorance last time. She thought she would be a cold bench this time and Mrs. Chu and his wife would not wait to see her, but she did not expect that Mrs. Chu would be so friendly and approachable.
For a while, Li Xueqi was also sincere and frightened. Faced with Qiu Muying’s enthusiasm, she felt that she couldn’t bear it, and she repeatedly thanked her.
“Mrs. Chu is really polite.”
“You have a jade body and a golden body, it is already a great honor for Xueqi to go out to welcome me personally.”
“Actually, many days ago, Xueqi wanted to visit Mr. Chu and Mrs. Chu and his wife, but she was always afraid of interruption. Today, she took this opportunity to visit and congratulate her.”
“This necklace is a meeting gift I gave to my wife. I wish my wife a youthful and beautiful flower.”
While talking, Li Xueqi gave a quiet and beautiful gift box to Qiu Muying.
After receiving the gift box, Qiu Muying opened it and took a look.
At that moment, I just felt a burst of jewellery, blowing on my face.
“This…this is…”
“This is, Jin Mantang!”
“Lao Fengxiang’s treasure of the town shop.”
“The market price is at least 600,000 yuan!”
At the moment when Li Xueqi’s gift was opened, Qiu Guang and others gathered around.
After seeing it, the second aunt Jiang Hong called out in surprise.
“I haven’t been willing to buy this necklace.”
“Unexpectedly, Yingying, today you will get it without spending a dime.”
“Second Auntie envy you to death?”
“You are so happy!”
Looking at the gleaming golden necklace in front of him, Jiang Hong himself was almost crazy with envy, and his eyes were red. If it hadn’t been for Qiu Guang to pull it from behind, I guess Jiang Hong had already put her face on it.
Six… six hundred thousand?
Or at least?
After Qiu Muying learned the value of the necklace, she took a breath, but she was crazy with joy.
Worthy of being the eldest princess of the Li family, 600,000 were given away in just one meeting.
“It’s too expensive, Miss Li. This is the first time you met, you gave such a gift, how could I be embarrassed to accept it?” Qiu Muying pretended to refuse, yelling embarrassment on her mouth, but she held the necklace sincerely with her hands. Put it in.
After a few more greetings, Li Xueqi asked, “Madam, where is Mr. Chu? Isn’t he here today?”
After chatting outside for a long time, Li Xueqi did not see Mr. Chu’s face, and suddenly became a little curious.

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