A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 768

At this time, the old man Qiu was undoubtedly proud of the scenery.
When the surrounding guests saw this, they all trembled with shame: “It’s amazing, it’s amazing~”
“Master Qiu, your Qiu family, this is going against the sky~”
Amidst the tremors that everyone respected, Chu Wenfei and his wife were the first to rush out to greet them.
Wang Qiaoyu and Qiuluo followed closely behind.
Then Qiu Guang, Jiang Hong and others from the Qiu family rushed out to greet them.
On the other side, in Mufan’s house, Han Li and the others obviously heard the voice of the roll-call boy, and the couple suddenly became calm.
“Mucheng, did you say that the mayor’s son came to us too?”
“We have to go out to meet us!”
“That’s the son of Wu Shi, Wu Shi, even better than Han Dongmin!” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
The two of Han Li and his wife were undoubtedly excited and crazy, pulling Qiu Mucheng out to meet them.
But Qiu Mucheng knew herself well and shook her head repeatedly: “Mom, what do you think?”
“There is a civilian in our family, who knows so many leaders?”
“Wu City, I haven’t even seen them face to face. How can we, please touch these powerful sons?”
“Can’t they come for us?”
Qiu Mucheng couldn’t help talking.
But how can Han Li and Qiulei listen.
The congratulations from Shen Jiuwan, Li Xueqi and others had obviously made the couple swell.
“How can it be impossible?”
“Have you seen Mr. Shen?”
“Have you met the eldest princess of the Li family?”
“You have seen a few guests in this full house, but in the end, didn’t they come to us and congratulate our family?”
“We have missed the opportunity to go out to meet too many times, this ccf52f36 time, this limelight, must not let Qiu Muying’s white-eyed wolf snatch it?”
“If you don’t go to meet you, we old couple will go!”
Han Li’s speechless Qiu Mucheng was speechless.
In the end, the couple did not stay any longer, so they hurriedly took two steps and ran out.
I have to say that people like Han Li who often dance square dances have good physical fitness.
This short leg ran extremely fast. Fei also seemed to be able to quickly rush to the forefront, leaving Qiu Muying, Wang Qiaoyu mother and son behind.
“The old three’s shameless stuff~”
“Is it your guests, go out to greet you?” Wang Qiaoyu and Qiu Muying’s mother and daughter, almost mad at the back, cursed in black.
But wherever the Han Li and his wife would care, they ran faster than anyone else. Finally, they rushed to Wu Yong and the others first, reached out and grabbed Wu Yong’s arm, and said with a big smile: “Haha~”
“Wu Shi is so polite!”
“Even my own son came to congratulate us on Mufan Real Estate.”
“As the hostess of Mufan Real Estate, I feel honored and ashamed.”
“Quickly, everyone please come inside.”
“My Mucheng has already prepared a banquet in Mufan’s company, and I’m just waiting for a few of you to take a seat.”
Han Li was very enthusiastic, grabbing Wu’s hand and pulling towards Mufan House.
“Where’s the idiot?”
“Dare to do something to my Angkor?”
“If Angkor’s clothes are soiled, can you afford it?”
However, who would have thought that at this moment, Wang Tian slapped Han Li on the ground when he saw it, and that old face was swollen on him.

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