A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 769

“Master Wu, why are you hitting me?” Han Li was stunned at the time, covering her face on the ground, almost crying in pain.
“It’s you idiot!”
“I really don’t know where the shabi girls?”
“Returning Mufan’s property? Returning the mistress?”
“Just your swindled Mufan real estate, the small broken company, is it worthy of us to congratulate?”
“Do you dream of spring and autumn, right?”
“Hurry up?!”
Wang Tian yelled angrily, so scared that Han Li immediately closed her mouth, and dared not say a word. As for Qiulei on the side, he was so scared that he stayed in place and didn’t dare to move.
At this time, Qiu Muying’s family just arrived.
Seeing that Han Li was beaten, the Qiu family suddenly enjoyed themselves.
Looking at Han Li in front of me like a joke, she sneered and said: “Auntie San, I have reminded you that there are some people, but you can’t afford it.” Remember to read a book for a second, http://m.
“Angkor, what are their identities, what are your identities?”
“The whole family is useless, still thinking about Pan Gaozhi?”
“You are also worthy?” Qiu Muying cursed with disdain.
“A few bitch merchants came to congratulate you, and the tail is up to the sky?”
“Don’t know what your last name is?”
“Don’t you know how good you are?”
“A broken company, a hillbilly woman, Angkor and they are blind, will they go to congratulate you?”
“It’s ridiculous!”
“Go back and tell Qiu Mucheng to make her a little self-aware!”
“How about Shen Jiuwan’s congratulations to you? How about Princess Li’s congratulations to you? Compared with ours, your family is still inferior!”
“If you have a native chicken, just lie down on the ground. There are some people you can’t afford.”
Amidst the laughter, Qiu Muying and his wife immediately welcomed Wu Yong and his party into the hotel lobby, congratulated the old man Qiu, wished the autumn water logistics celebration a victory, and presented gifts to him.
“Master Wu is polite.”
“It is a great honor for my old man to come on behalf of your father.”
The hearty laughter of Mr. Qiu, 53d1c4de, spread throughout the entire hall.
Inside and out, there were voices envious of the Qiu family. Especially for Chu Wenfei and his wife, everyone was even more admired.
“This grandson-in-law of the Qiu family is really amazing.”
“There are such connections?”
“Wu Weitao, can the secretary’s son be invited by him?”
“With this kind of connections, Qiu’s family will be in Yunzhou in the future, and they will be able to make a living.”
There are voices admiring Chu Wenfei and others everywhere.
For a time, Qiu’s family was beautiful again, and the gloom before it was wiped out.
Yes, as Qiu Muying said, what about Shen Jiuwan’s congratulations to Mufan Real Estate, and what about Princess Li’s congratulations to Mufan Real Estate?
These people, to put it bluntly, are just businessmen.
In China, since ancient times, the status of merchants has not been better than that of officials.
Therefore, in the eyes of Qiu’s family and others, even if the entire Yunzhou wealthy businessmen come to congratulate Mufan Real Estate, what?
Even though today only the nephews of Wu Weitao and others are here, in terms of power and status, they are still crushing the low-ranking merchants of China National Day!
As for Li Xueqi, perhaps the background is huge. But she said it bluntly, she was just Li Erye’s younger sister, and she was going to marry sooner or later.
What can Li Xueqi get with the water thrown out by the married woman?
The power of the Li family belongs to Li Erye. Even though Li Xueqi’s surname is Li, her status in the Li family is undoubtedly much inferior.
And when the Qiu family was infinitely beautiful because of Wu Yong and others.
At the crossroads kilometers away, the traffic police are maintaining order.
Today, Qiu’s family held a celebration, but they greeted the traffic police department through their relationship. Said that on the day of the celebration, I am afraid that many people will come to congratulate, let them help ease the traffic, and don’t let the guests get stuck on the road again.
The local traffic police brigade gave this face, and sent a few people to the nearby intersection to clear the traffic.
At this time, a few traffic policemen were sitting on the side of the road, taking a rare rest.

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