A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 770

“Brother Li, it seems that the guests of the Qiu family are almost over.”
“Well, it’s almost there.”
“Hua National Day and other big entrepreneurs are here, and all the rich people in Yunzhou should be here.”
“I can’t. A small ribbon-cutting celebration can attract rich people from other markets to congratulate?”
“The Qiu family just hugs the thigh of the Chu family in Yunzhou, and they definitely don’t have this prestige.” A traffic policeman shook his head and smiled.
In his opinion, no matter how powerful the Qiu family is, it is already the limit to attract wealthy people like Hua National Day and Wang Haisheng to worship. People from other places, who would come to Yunzhou all the way to congratulate a little Qiu family?
However, as soon as their words fell, at the end of the road, only a large number of luxury cars came galloping in.
The black car body, with Ruoli sword, tore open the sky.
The low buzzing sound is just like the low roar of a beast, shaking the sky.
“This…this…” First URL m.
Such movement caused everyone here to tremble.
Pedestrians at the intersection followed the prestige one after another, and all the places where they were eye-catching were full of million luxury cars.
The black and heavy, trained in a row, like a torrent of steel, rolling in from nine days away.
Seeing the scene before him, everyone present was stunned.
Especially the traffic police on duty, seeing the license plate hanging on the body, was even more shocked.
“This…this…Jiang c, from Haozhou?”
“Jiang B, Jing… from Jingzhou?”
“Jiang A, damn, the provincial capital Jianghai… is also here?”
Am I going to special?
what is it today?
Could it be that the province’s bigwigs are all coming?
Looking at the luxury cars coming from all cities in Jiangdong, and the five 5 and 5 8 license plates in one piece, everyone at the intersection was crazy.
Especially the traffic police on duty, a pair of eyeballs almost stared out, feeling a tremor.
“Are these also going to Qiu’s house?”
Apart from the tremor, the captain of the traffic police brigade then laughed excitedly.
“Fun, enjoyable.”
“Even the big brothers from the provincial capital Jianghai are here.”
“This movement is getting bigger and bigger.”
“It doesn’t matter who these big guys are going to, our Yunzhou City Traffic Police Brigade has to designate a place to help.”
“Fifth and sixth, immediately notify the squadron and city brigade of all districts under our jurisdiction to arrange for manpower to go to various intersections nearby to maintain traffic!”
The captain’s command echoed across the world.
However, the Qiu family and Qiu Mucheng and others did not know the scene here.
At this time, Han Li was still lying on the ground, her old face flushed.
What happened just now has undoubtedly made Han Li ugly.
The passers-by all around looked at Han Li like a joke, their eyes looked alive like a clown.
He licked his face and greeted him, but he slapped him on the ground.
This kind of thing makes it funny to think about it.
Qiu Mucheng was also very angry.

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