A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 771

Her face was undoubtedly completely wiped out of her strange parents.
But they are their parents after all, and Qiu Mucheng can’t ignore them either.
Stepping forward to help Han Li, he complained: “I didn’t let you go just now, don’t listen.”
“How is it now?”
“Don’t tell me if you were beaten up, the little face that our Mufan Real Estate has finally accumulated has been lost by you again!”
Qiu Mucheng was almost to death.
She said at the time that she didn’t have any friendship with Wu Yong and them, and these people could not have come to Mufan’s real estate.
But Han Li just didn’t listen, she insisted on coming to meet her, trying to show off.
As a result, stealing chickens did not result in eclipses, and the limelight did not show up, and she was beaten in the face. Qiu Mucheng was also ashamed.
At this moment, Wang Qiaoyu didn’t know what he was going out to take. He happened to see Qiu Mucheng’s mother and daughter. He walked over with a smile, and smiled triumphantly at Qiu Mucheng in a high-pitched tone: “Qiu Mucheng, now You should know that there is a gap between you and my Yingying, right?”
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“They are just a mere businessmen. How can you compare with such powerful and powerful people as Master Wu?”
“Businessmen can get rich without relying on government policies.”
“The above makes you rich, you are rich.”
“The above makes you poor, even if you are the richest man, it will bring you down in minutes!”
Wang Qiaoyu shook his head and smiled, his words full of sarcasm and triumph.
“Qiu Mucheng, although I don’t know, by what means did you attract such a cloudy state rich man.”
“However, even if the entire Yunzhou rich have come to congratulate you, your Qiu Mucheng is still inferior to ours!”
When saying this, Wang Qiaoyu was full of pride. In a victorious tone, he ridiculed Qiu Mucheng’s family again.
“Oh, isn’t it?” However, when Wang Qiaoyu was full of pride, a faint laughter came out quietly.
Ye Fan came over without knowing when.
At this time, he smiled faintly, and on his delicate face, there was calmness. Looking at Wang Qiaoyu, he asked faintly: “Sister, I don’t know what kind of person you have in your eyes to be like Master Wu. Compared with the powerful?”
When Wang Qiaoyu heard this, he sneered: “If you want to compare with Young Master Wu, you must at least be the crown prince of Yunzhou Li family, the daughter of Jiang Hai Chen Ao, the son of the fifth master Lei of Jingzhou, or the wealth of the king of Haozhou.”
“Only this kind of nephew who is in charge of a city, the famous Jiangdong leader, is qualified to be compared with Wu Shaoye.”
“As for other people, no matter how much money they have, they are all weak in the face of real power and authority.”
“Why, don’t you want to ask this, is it because you want Li Erye’s son to come and join you?”
Wang Qiaoyu raised his chin and spoke condescendingly. In his words, he was full of superior superiority and a strong dislike and contempt for Ye Fan.
From beginning to end, in the eyes of their Qiu family, Ye Fan was just a soft-shelled turtle from the countryside, and nothing more than a waste of his son-in-law.
It can be said that the uselessness in front of them has never been seen by their Qiu family.
Listening to Wang Qiaoyu’s words, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled: “I might not be able to invite the son of the Li family in Yunzhou. But the daughter of Jiang Hai Chen Ao, the son of the Lei family in Jingzhou, the youngest of the Wang family in Haozhou, I miss me Can still be invited.”
“Maybe, they will be here in a while?”
Ye Fan’s faint laughter echoed shallowly.

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