A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 773

“This…this is…”
“Another guest?”
The movement in the distance immediately attracted the attention of everyone present.
Qiu Muying and the others didn’t care about seeing Ye Fan. After hearing the sound of the car, they turned around and looked around.
When I turned around, I only felt a majestic wave of air roaring.
After that, I only saw an infinite number of luxury cars in a row, swept across the sky like this.
“One, two, three…. Five or six…”
“Fifteen cars!”
“Each are a million-plus luxury cars?”
“Are they all here to congratulate the Qiu family?” The first website m.
After seeing the number of luxury cars coming to worship, many people are already shaking mad.
Many onlookers cried out in surprise, pulling their throats and exclaiming.
However, this does not stop.
Soon, as the vehicle got closer and closer, when everyone could see the license plate of the vehicle in front of them, their eyes widened immediately.
“Jiang D55555”
“Jiang C66666”
“Jiang A88888”
“This…this Leopard, this is Leopard!”
“Moreover, Jiang C, isn’t it the license plate of Haozhou?”
“Even in Haozhou, thousands of miles away, there are people coming?”
“And Nanquan City… Jingzhou City… Jiang… Jianghai!”
The provincial capital is also here?
what is it today?
Are they out of Yunzhou City? ! !
It’s actually attracted, hundreds of cities come to congratulate?
The car hasn’t stopped, but when I saw the license plate, the world had fallen into the ocean like a boulder.
One stone, stirred up a thousand waves!
The onlookers were completely crazy.
They had never seen such a big scene in their entire lives.
Not only the onlookers, but even Qiu Muying, Wang Qiaoyu and others in the Qiu family, as well as Qiu Mucheng and Han Li’s couple, were completely stunned.
With full of tremor and panic, he watched the torrent of steel rolling forward.
At this moment, they almost have the same doubts and fears in their hearts.
Could it be that these people are also here to congratulate them?
But, their Qiu family is so awesome?
Even people from other cities in Jiangdong Province are not far away.
In the hearts of Qiu Muying and others, there is no doubt that there is no bottom.
Even they are like this, let alone Qiu Mucheng’s family.
Han Li, no matter how courageous he was, she did not dare to say at this time that these foreigners came for her Mucheng!
And when everyone was panicked and lost their voices, just like that, a dozen or so luxury cars had already stopped.
When the car door opened, it was just like this, under everyone’s gaze, the men in suits and majestic eyes appeared in full view in an instant.
Not caring about the trembling eyes of the passers-by, they all walked forward, and when they walked on the red carpet, they all handed their business cards to the roll-call boy on the side of the road.
Immediately afterwards, the immature and loud voice of the child resounded like waves in nine days, one after another in the world.
“The son of Wang Jiexi, the Patriarch of the Wang Family of Haozhou, Master Wang Yuchen is here!”
The son of Wang Jiakuo in Haozhou, Wang Jiexi?
Just the name of the first person, if the thunder exploded, amazed everyone.
Qiu Muying, Wang Qiaoyu and others immediately trembled all over, and their heartbeats missed a beat.
However, how could those present know that this time is just the beginning.
“Prince Lei of Jingzhou, Master Lei Aoting is here!”
Lei Aoting?
Lei… Crown Prince Lei? ! !
“This… how is this possible?”

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