A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 78

Father Qiu looked outside, and finally sighed: “Mu Ying, I am afraid that I will have to trouble you and Wen Fei with this matter.”
It seemed that Mr. Qiu had already given up, and he also thought that Qiu Mucheng could get the approval within seven days.
After all, being so experienced as the autumn light, after a year of urging, it failed to succeed, and even no figure was seen. Qiu Mucheng is a weak woman, it doesn’t matter, she has no background, and she got the approval within seven days.
Qiu Muying nodded: “Grandpa, don’t worry, Wen Fei and I won’t sit idly by at critical moments. But grandpa, you can no longer favor my third sister Qiu Mucheng this time. As said at the beginning, she did not approve it. When we arrive, we have to leave the company. Our Qiushui Logistics can no longer raise waste.”
The old man Qiu nodded: “Well. Your third sister is indeed ineffective. This kind of person continues to stay in the company and gets paid for nothing. After today, please cancel all her positions in the company. Her job will be temporarily replaced by you. .”
“Haha, grandpa wise!” Qiu Muying almost jumped up happily.
Finally, Qiu Mucheng was pierced and thorned in the flesh and completely pulled out.
“Qiu Mucheng, Qiu Mucheng, if there is no source of income, your family will just wait to live on the street?” Qiu Muying smiled triumphantly.
However, who could have thought that at this moment, the door of the old house was suddenly opened.
In the sunset, a beautiful and graceful shadow appeared in front of everyone.
“Grandpa, I’m sorry, granddaughter is late.” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Qiu Mucheng’s delicate body was panting slightly, but there was a bruise on her cheek, which was caused by a rush on the road just now. However, the pain in her body could not conceal Qiu Mucheng’s spiritual joy.
He waved the file in his hand, and a smile bloomed at the corner of his mouth: “Grandpa, I got it.”
“real or fake?”
“In seven days, did you really get the approval?”
“Isn’t it a fake and deceived Grandpa.”
When everyone saw this, they were all shocked, Qiu Muying’s eyes widened in disbelief, and she questioned.

It is evening.
Han Ling, Qiulei and his wife went to the square dance, and only Ye Fan was wiping the floor at home.
There was a crisp sound of footsteps outside, Ye Fan immediately rejoiced and hurried to open the door.
He knew that his wife had returned.
“how about it?”
“After getting the approval, did Grandpa praise you?”
“Have you been promoted? Have you got a raise?”
Ye Fan has seen Qiu Mucheng’s efforts these days. Now that Qiu Mucheng has successfully obtained the approval, Ye Fan is naturally happy for her.
However, in the face of Ye Fan’s question, Qiu Mucheng did not speak, her eyes flushed in the end, and finally there were almost tears left behind.
It turned out that Qiu Muying actually asked Qiu Mucheng to negotiate loans with the bank manager on the grounds that Qiu Mucheng was good at negotiation. Qiu Mucheng had to talk about it within three days.
“The danger of the autumn family is born because of you.”
“Now, our Qiu family has suffered from this disaster, and there is a shortage of funds. Talking to the bank about loans should be yours.”
“Make up for what you have done to make up for the loss you caused to this family.”
“If the loan is approved, grandpa will naturally reward you. As for this time, you are stigmatized by my husband. If my husband does not greet Li Bureau through the relationship, you think you are a weak woman, can you get approval ?”
This is the words of Qiu Muying at the family meeting.
“What about Grandpa, what did Grandpa say?” Ye Fan frowned, but asked coldly.
“What can grandpa say, of course I heard Qiu Muying. Qiu Muying’s husband helped Qiu Shui Logistics through the difficulties, how could grandpa not follow the meaning of the couple.”
“But Qiu Shui Logistics had insufficient funds a few months ago, so why should this pot let me carry it?”
“Also, the entire Qiushui Logistics is now insolvent and has already owed a lot of loans to the bank. How could there be a bank loan to us?”
“Then Qiu Muying just wanted to drive me away from the company.”
“Forget it, I won’t fight her anymore, I will quit, and I will leave the company tomorrow, and I won’t hinder them anymore.”
“I gave up and they won.”
All the grievances in Qiu Mucheng’s heart finally broke out at this moment.
She was sobbing, sobbing, and there were tears left.

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