A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 79

She is tired.
She is really tired.
For so many years, for the Qiu family, for the Qiushui Group, she has given so much.
She does the work that others don’t do.
She carries the pot that others don’t carry.
For so many years, she has been diligent and conscientious, and she is the one that the company works hardest. What she asked for was nothing but a compliment from her grandfather, a little recognition from her relatives.
She also wants to make achievements, and she also wants those who look down on her to regret it.
But in the end, what did she get in the end?
The result of hard work is to be regarded as a fool.
The result of resignation is to be bullied.
In short, no matter how hard she tried, she was still the most unwelcome one in the family.
Just like today, fools can see that it is Qiu Muying’s family who is targeting her and bullying her. But in Nuo Da’s Qiu family, no one spoke for her. Even her grandfather sacrificed himself in the end and obeyed Qiu Muying’s will.
Qiu Mucheng really couldn’t figure it out, why on earth?
Is it because my husband is not promising?
Is it because Ye Fan is a door-in-law with no background?
Is it because Ye Fan has no money and power?
Qiu Mucheng was full of grievances, her brows and eyes flushed.
In the past, Qiu Mucheng also held a sigh of breath in her heart. The more Qiu Muying saw that she was not pleasing to her eyes, the more she became angry with her. The more she wanted to run herself out of the company, the less she would leave.
But now, she is really tired.
She decided to quit and stopped fighting with Qiu Muying.
“drop out?”
“Mucheng, why quit?”
“If you go now, don’t you make them cheaper and follow their wishes?” Ye Fan’s expression has also cooled down.
He had indeed thought about letting Qiu Mucheng leave the Qiu family and make herself on her own.
However, even if his wife Ye Fan had to leave, she would have to walk gracefully, how could she be run away like she is now.
“But, what can be done?”
“Even if I don’t leave tomorrow, after three days, they will still drive me away because I didn’t talk about the loan.”
“Qiu Shui Logistics has a very low bank credit rating, and it is impossible for the bank to lend us any more.”
Qiu Mucheng shook her head and said, she was not reconciled to leave like 49192589 in embarrassment, but she had no choice.
Because today’s task is simply impossible to complete.
“Who said it was impossible?”
Ye Fan smiled coldly, then picked up the phone and called Old Man Qiu.
“Grandpa, Mucheng asked me to tell you that in three days, she can put the loan contract in front of you tonight. Let those who want to see Mucheng’s jokes wait in the old house of the Qiu family.”
“Ye Fan, you are crazy, what are you talking nonsense?”
Qiu Mucheng’s pretty face turned white when she heard Ye Fan’s words. She quickly got up and grabbed the mobile phone in Ye Fan’s hand, but it was too late and the phone had been hung up.
“Who made you talk nonsense?”
“Your nonsense will only make me more embarrassed in time.”
Qiu Mucheng’s eyes were full of anger, a pair of beautiful eyes glared at Ye Fan angrily, and said angrily.
However, Ye Fan couldn’t help but tell her, pulling her up and walking downstairs.
“Mucheng, trust me.”
“I will do everything for you.”
Ye Fan’s words were firm and loud.
Soon, the two of Ye Fan left home and took a taxi away.
After half an hour.
Ye Fan and the two had already left the Red Flag Bank.
“Ye Fan, don’t go. They are closed, you can’t see anyone.”
“Furthermore, this Red Flag Bank is a high-level bank, and does not accept loans of less than 100 million yuan. Moreover, it is not a Fortune 500 company, no one sees it at all.”
“We went, and we took our own humiliation.”
“Let’s go back, the big deal is to be laughed at. I’m used to it anyway.”

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