A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 784

“Good-looking is good, good-looking is good.”
Han Li was very happy at the time, the boss with a grin, thinking that there is something to be done.
After that, Han Li struck the iron while it was hot, and continued to ask: “Then Master Lei thinks, what is the body of my Mucheng?”
“Naturally, there is nothing to say! Mr. Qiu has a beautiful body, and looks even more slender.
“It’s like that water lotus, graceful and graceful.”
“It’s really so-called beauty and hero.”
“Such a beautiful woman, I am afraid that only the hero of the world is worthy of it.” Lei Aoting’s boasting, it can be said that the sky is dark and the witty words are endless.
The idiom that I usually read from the book is almost used now.
Qiu Mucheng’s face flushed, she was a little embarrassed.
On the side, Wang Yuchen’s eyes twitched, making goosebumps rise. Remember to read in one second
I thought that Lei Aoting’s flattery was really loud!
It seems that Lei Aoting is complimenting Qiu Mucheng, but in reality it is Mr. Chu.
Especially in the last sentence of the current hero, it was obviously Mr. Chu.
But Ye Fan didn’t hear it, still sitting there quietly sipping tea, calmly.
However, Lei Aoting’s remarks broke Han Li and his wife.
So excited that Han Li grabbed Lei Aoting’s hand and laughed again and again: “Haha~”
“Well said, well said.”
“Heroes are worthy of beautiful women, and only such beauties as my Mucheng can be worthy of the world’s heroes like Master Lei.”
“I was worried before, but now that Master Lei is so satisfied with my Mucheng, I feel relieved.”
“Bo… Auntie, what do you… What do you mean?” Lei Aoting finally heard something wrong, twitched the corner of his mouth and turned to ask Han Li.
“It doesn’t mean anything?”
“Just what you mean.”
“Master Lei, Auntie knows why you are here this time.”
“Don’t worry, since you like my Mucheng so much, I’m in charge
, You will be my son-in-law in the future. “Han Li replied with a smile.
son in law? ! !
Lei Aoting’s eyes widened at the time, and he stayed in place.
Seeing Lei Aoting’s face, Han Li thought he was too surprised, and continued: “Haha~”
“Master Lei doesn’t need to be surprised.”
“We can’t ask for a son-in-law like you?”
“After waiting for a few days, I will let my daughter Mucheng divorce from the poor son-in-law.”
“Live with you well and have children for the Lei family.”
“Come on, Master Lei, with this glass of wine, we will be a family from now on.”
Second Austria!
“Fuck you paralyzed!?”
“Do you want to die and don’t hurt me!”
As soon as Han Li finished saying this, Lei Aoting’s whole body exploded.
With a squeak, he sprang up directly from the chair.
In the end, Lei Aoting ignored that Han Li was Mr. Chu’s mother-in-law. In fright, Lei Aoting slapped Lei Aoting viciously, and Han Li was knocked over with a chair directly on the ground.
After hearing Han Li say that Qiu Mucheng should have children for him, Lei Aoting’s whole body was undoubtedly frightened at the time, his face pale, almost lost his soul.
Who is Qiu Mucheng?
That’s Mr. Chu’s woman!
Not long ago, Lei Aoting had just offended Ye Fan, and finally got his life back from Ye Fan.
Now he is here to congratulate Mr. Chu on behalf of the Lei family, just to make a guilt and make meritorious service and ease the relationship with Mr. Chu.
But, who would have thought that this wicked lady in front of him would actually harm him?
Let Mr. Chu’s woman give him children? ! ! !
Didn’t this punish Lei Aoting to death?
“Good day~”
Lei Aoting was almost crying at the time, trembling all over, looking at Ye Fan and apologizing: “Chu…Mr. Chu, this…I can’t really blame me~”
“You just borrowed me one hundred and eighty courage, I don’t dare to covet your wife~”

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