A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 787

When Mu Fan’s real estate has become a mess.
At a traffic intersection a kilometer away, the traffic policemen still stood there, maintaining order.
However, it has been half an hour, and there is no car passing by at the intersection.
“It seems that this time the guests of the Qiu family are really over.”
“In that case, Lao Zhang, we should also go home.”
“I’ve been tired for a day~”
Several people stretched their waists, and then they were about to stop working and go back to rest.
However, who could have imagined that at the moment when their voices fell, several engine roars came from far away.
Later, I saw a large number of luxury cars, coming slowly from a distance.
The first one is an old black Audi.
However, when everyone saw the license plate of that car, the passers-by were suddenly terrified. Remember to read in one second
“Jiang E0001!”
This… this is?
No. 1 in Yunzhou? !
The city party secretary’s car? !
“I’m going to special!”
“Is everyone here?”
0e2df9fc “What happened to this today?”
“Is the Qiu Family going against the sky?”
At that time, many people were scared to urinate. Even the traffic policemen who maintained the traffic trembled and their pupils shrank.
Before, they thought that Jianghai, Jingzhou and other cities came to congratulate, and it was already the last climax of today’s celebration.
But who would have thought that after a wave of unrest, another wave would happen again?
In the end, even their head of Yunzhou City arrived! !
The people here are naturally ignorant of things thousands of meters away.
At this time, Mu Fan’s house was still in chaos.
Han Li and his wife were frightened and horrified, and their hearts were full of anxiety, almost without a master.
In panic, they saw Ye Fan who was still drinking tea calmly like an idiot, and they were naturally extremely angry.
“What a waste!”
“The men of other families protect their wives from the wind and rain, but your trash is useless.”
“My family Mucheng is really bad for eight lifetimes. I am married to you!”
Half of Han Li’s face was still red, it was beaten by Lei Aoting.
She was slapped on the ground just now, but she didn’t notice Lei Aoting’s fear and respect for Ye Fan at that time.
When she got up from the ground, Wang Lin and others had already arrived.
Seeing that Qiu Mucheng was about to be taken away, suddenly, a cold anger came from the crowd.
“You are so courageous, friends of my second brother, do you dare to offend?”
For a while, everyone present was shocked and watched.
I saw a cold and majestic woman, stood up, her eyebrows were cold, and she yelled at Wang Lin.
After Wang Lin heard it, he laughed.
He looked at the young woman in front of him, and suddenly sneered: “Little girl, I think you are not very old, you are in your twenties?”
“But at a young age, his tone is not small.”
“I’m afraid it’s the eldest princess of Yunzhou Li’s family, isn’t she as loud as you?”
“What kind of thing do you dare to yell at me?”
Wang Lin sneered and looked at the woman in front of him with disdain.
Obviously, Wang Lin regarded the person in front of him as a spoiled yellow-haired girl who was spoiled and spoiled at home, and didn’t care at all.
When hearing Wang Lin’s words, Li Xueqi sneered: “Coincidentally, I really am the eldest princess of Yunzhou Li’s family, Li Xueqi.”
Wang Lin’s face was three points pale at the time, his expression stagnated, and his original smile suddenly turned pale: “Little girl, you can eat rice at random. You can’t talk nonsense about this.”
“The Patriarch of the Li Family in Yunzhou, is that Li Erye?”

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