A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 788

“It seems that you know quite clearly. Yes, Patriarch Li is my second brother. If you don’t believe me, I can call my second brother and ask him to come over and chat with you. “Li Xueqi smiled faintly.
But Wang Lin had obviously started to panic: “Don’t don’t, Miss Li, misunderstandings, all misunderstandings.”
“For this little matter, don’t bother your second master over here.”
Wang Lin was ashamed and quickly said with a smile.
He dare not take this risk.
If the woman in front of him is really Li Erye’s biological sister, Wang Lin is afraid that he won’t be able to eat.
That’s Li Erye!
The sky of Yunzhou.
If you offend this kind of person, you don’t know how you might die in the future.
“If that’s the case, let’s release President Qiu soon.”
“Mufan Real Estate opened. It was my second brother who personally made me come to congratulate me.”
“You are also courageous. Come and tear down the stage when you specially choose the opening ceremony!” Li Xueqi said coldly, and immediately let Wang Lin release.
Wang Lin was immediately embarrassed.
One side is Princess Li, and the other side is Prince Wu.
He can’t afford to offend either of these two forces.
Being caught in the middle now is undoubtedly embarrassing and embarrassing.
“Ms. Li, don’t you think that some of your control is too wide?”
However, when Wang Lin was embarrassed, a low voice came from behind the crowd.
Seeing the crowd dispersed, Wu Yong, Wang Tian, ​​Qiu Jia and others arrived here without knowing when.
With one hand in his trouser pocket, Wu stood peacefully among the crowd.
Above that handsome face, there is no joy or sadness, and some are full of coldness and majesty.
Facing the prestige of the Li family, the son of Wu Shi did not fear at all.
Except for a few people such as Lei Aoting and Chen Nan, the people present are probably also used by Wu, right?
After all, Wu Yong’s background is no worse than Li Xueqi.
“Wu Yong, is this all you do?”
Wu Yong and Li Xueqi clearly knew each other, and seeing Wu Yong actually stand for Wang Lin’s platform, Lu Xueqi frowned and asked coldly.
However, before Wu Yong could answer, Qiu Muying’s sarcastic laugh came out quietly.
“Miss Li’s words are a bit too much.”
“What do you mean by Angkor?”
“This Mufan Real Estate is doing things that are illegal and disorderly, and the company’s CEO Qiu Mucheng is even more inferior. The entire Yunzhou people know about the previous event of the annual meeting of entrepreneurs.”
“Isn’t this kind of enterprise being investigated?”
“What’s wrong with people doing business in business?”
“Ms. Li, you, regardless of morality, law and discipline, bullying others. Miss Li, I just want to ask you, in your eyes, do you think Yunzhou is the largest in your Li family, or does it have the largest laws and regulations?”
“You~” Qiu Muying’s hat was buttoned too much, and even the law was moved out, and Li Xueqi’s face was three points pale at the time.
But Li Xueqi still hummed coldly: “You don’t need to tag me indiscriminately here.”
“In short, Qiu is always a friend of my Li family. There is no conclusive evidence. Our Li family will never allow it. You take people away!”
“Wu Yong, I order you to let the people go quickly.”
“Otherwise, you will definitely regret it! Do you know who’s the woman you offended today?” Li Xueqi shouted sharply at Wu Yong.
When Wu Yong heard this, his expression was completely cold. He looked at Li Xueqi, shook his head and sneered, “Li Xueqi, you are so powerful!”
“Do you really consider yourself the heir of the Li family?”
“To put it plainly, after all, she is no more than a woman. Sooner or later she will get married.”
“Women who got married, pour out the water!”
“When the time comes, no matter how powerful the Li family is, what does it have to do with you?”
“So, I advise you to put yourself right.”
“With your status, you really don’t have the right to show off in front of me, and give me orders!!”

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