A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 80

Outside the Red Flag Bank, Qiu Mucheng was pulling Ye Fan, telling him to keep saying we should go back.
She has no hope. If she is laughed at, she will be laughed at.
However, Ye Fan is still calm: “Mucheng, you don’t have to worry about it, just wait.”
“Wait, wait, people are already closed? Even if you don’t see the golden noodles, you can’t talk about it? Go back, don’t mess with me, I’m already annoying enough.”
Seeing Ye Fan still doing this, Qiu Mucheng was also a little angry, and her words were full of resentment.
Ye Fan smiled: “Who said that the door is closed, isn’t it open?”
Sure enough, as Ye Fan’s words fell, the originally dim bank hall suddenly rose in two halls.
Soon, a few bank employees walked over from nowhere. After seeing Ye Fan, they bowed slightly: “Sir, please go upstairs first, Mr. Xu will be there soon.”
Ye Fan only said a good word, and then followed the staff upstairs.
But Qiu Mucheng still stood there, looking at the bank in front of him like a ghost.
This…this… First URL m.
“Does the door really open?”
Qiu Mucheng’s beautiful eyes were open, just feeling incredible.
A few minutes later, Ye Fan had already returned.
“Go in, Mr. Xu is waiting for you. We’re all done, just wait for you to sign?”
“All right?”
“So fast?”
“Ye Fan, you’re not lying to me?” Qiu Mucheng stared at her beautiful eyes, but didn’t believe it at all.
Tens of millions of loans can be settled in just a short time?
What about qualification review? What about credit ratings?
Didn’t you want the performance report?
“Ye Fan, you bastard, you must be lying to me.” Qiu Mucheng grunted angrily.
Ye Fan slumped his hands and gave a wry smile: “It’s true or not, you can tell when you go in.”
VIP living room.
Xu Lei sat there in a professional dress, graceful and luxurious.
“Twenty million loan, sign it? After signing, the loan will be released tomorrow.”
“In addition, in addition to the loan contract, there is an order contract with a total value of 50 million yuan. I hope that your Qiushui Logistics Company will be responsible for the supply. Of course, this order contract is estimated that you have no right to decide. You can bring it back tonight. Let your company take a good look. That’s okay. Three days later, I’ll be waiting for you at the Lishui Cafe in the west of the city.”
“Trust me, you will not refuse this contract.”
“Happy cooperation!”
From beginning to end, Qiu Mucheng didn’t say a word.
It can be said that after learning the identity of the person in front of him, Qiu Mucheng was already confused.
She couldn’t believe that Xu Lei, the director of Hongqi Bank and the richest man in Yunzhou, would personally receive herself and discuss cooperation matters!
Xu Lei didn’t talk with Qiu Mucheng for too long. After talking straightforwardly, Xu Lei was sitting on the sofa, looking curiously at the woman in front of her.
After a long time, Xu Lei shook her head and smiled.
“To be honest, Miss Qiu, I’m really curious, what kind of magic is in your body that can touch that man?”
“Huh?” Qiu Mucheng was stunned, wondering who Xu Lei would say.
Xu Lei chuckled, “It’s nothing. Congratulations, Miss Qiu, you are the envy of women all over the world. This includes me.”
Xu Lei’s words could be heard by Qiu Mucheng.
Even on the way back, Qiu Mucheng was thinking about what Xu Lei’s words meant.
“By the way, do you know Mr. Xu?”
Ye Fan nodded, “Forget it, she owes me some favors, which happens to be this time.”
“Huh? Why did you have an intersection with her?” Qiu Mucheng became even more curious, after all, in Qiu Mucheng’s eyes, Ye Fan and Xu Lei were like people from two worlds, and it was almost impossible to have any contact.
Ye Fan said haha, “Okay, I’ll talk about it later. Now let’s go back to the old house of the Qiu family, don’t you want to see the expressions of those people after seeing you get the loan?”
“I really look forward to it~”

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