A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 794

I saw that Wu Weitao pushed Wu Yong aside as if he hadn’t seen his son.
At that time, Wu Yong was stunned, thinking what his father wanted to do? What are you pushing him for?
But later Wu Yong found out that he was a little bit early in a daze.
I saw Wu Weitao, after pushing away Wu Yong, he stepped forward and walked to the wine table.
Then, in the shock and violent gazes of everyone, the lord of the city, the man in charge of millions of citizens, actually bent over, and with the most respectful tone and the most respectful voice, facing the one in front of you A thin young man congratulated him: “I, Wu Weitao, on behalf of Yunzhou City, come to congratulate my husband!”
“And present a pair of congratulatory couplets.”
“Jin uses this link to wish Mufan Real Estate a happy opening!”
“Mr. I wish a prosperous career!”
At this time, the autumn breeze was lonely and the leaves fluttered.
Under the high hall, Wu Weitao respectfully worshipped, but his low voice was quietly exploding in the heaven and earth.
After Wu Weitao, all those who came with him also stepped forward, respecting the handsome and thin man in front of him. First URL m.
“It coincides with the opening day of Mufan Real Estate~”
“I’m Han Dongmin~”
“My King Dong is here~”
“My Dong Peiming~”
“I wish Mufan Real Estate a lot of money!”
“Mr. Zhu’s career is flourishing!”
“I wish Mufan’s industry will spread all over the world~”
The voices one after another resembled monstrous waves, but they echoed one after another under nine heavens.
The voice of respect and the words of respect are converging and impacting the world.
“This this..”
Seeing the scene before him, everyone present was completely confused.
The silence of the whole hall!
The sound of a needle falling can almost be heard.
Only the breeze swept, the fallen leaves fluttered, and the congratulations from Wu Weitao and others echoed.
At this moment, Qiu Muying stayed, Wang Qiaoyu stayed, everyone in the Qiu family stayed.
The old man Qiu was even more stunned, his old eyes widened, his body trembled, and his eyes almost jumped out.
“This… how is this possible?”
“Wh… how could it be, him?!!!”
Old man Qiu’s face was pale, and his brain was buzzing.
Prior to this, Mr. Qiu thought that Wu Weitao, like his son, came to congratulate his Qiu family.
But he did not expect that Wu Weitao, Wang Donglai and others would worship Ye Fan! It’s Ye Fan!
He, it turned out to be Mu Fan Real Estate!
Was it the Mufan real estate owned by Qiu’s wife and daughter Qiu Mucheng?
But how is this possible?
No one can understand the astonishment in Father Qiu at this time.
It’s not just him, everyone in the Qiu family has red eyes, canthus, and stares at the scene.
Even the people in Mu Fan’s real estate were undoubtedly shaken by the scene before him.
The Han Li and his wife opened their mouths wide, and almost forgot to breathe because of their shock.
Qiu Mucheng’s beautiful eyes were shocked and unbelievable.
Du Juan and other employees of Mufan Real Estate all seemed to have seen a ghost, their bodies trembling, and they couldn’t help but gasp.
The only person in this full house who can keep calm is perhaps the only one who is on the cusp of the storm, Ye Fan.
Facing everyone’s congratulations, Ye Fan was expressionless and silent for a long time.
Instead, calmly picked up the teapot and filled himself with a cup of tea.
He took a sip of tea, and then coldly replied…

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