A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 795

“I don’t think it is necessary.”
“Wu City, your congratulations, our Mufan Real Estate can’t stand it.”
“A few minutes ago, the son-in-law insisted that our Mufan real estate was illegally operated, tax evaded, and firefighting was not up to standard. We must seize our Mufan real estate and have my wife tortured for interrogation?”
“You said, a company that is about to fall, a company that violates laws and disciplines, and a company that has been arbitrarily planted and framed, can we afford your congratulations from Wu City?”
Ye Fan was holding the tea cup, but shook his head and smiled.
The cold laughter was full of sarcasm and displeasure.
Moreover, when he said this, Ye Fan didn’t even look at Wu Weitao. He still sat there quietly tasting the strong tea in the cup.
Seeing Ye Fan so arrogant and rude.
Han Li and Qiulei and his wife on the side were already scared crazy at the time.
His face was pale, and he yelled at Ye Fan when he walked over. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Ye Fan, you are a waste, are you crazy?”
“Dare to say that to Wu Shi?”
“You want to kill our family?!”
However, as soon as Han Li finished speaking, Lei Aoting on the side slapped Han Li directly on the floor with a slap.
“Bastard stuff!”
“Does this have your place?”
“If you are not Mr. Qiu’s mother, do you know that with your words, you can die here!”
Lei Aoting is not scaring her.
At the beginning of the Taishan Martial Arts Association, Wu Herong swept across the 18th Dadi City in Jiangdong, but Mr. Chu cut him off his horse with one move.
Killing Wu Herong is just like slaughtering chickens and dogs!
Then Mr. Chu ruled Jiangdong, let Chen Ao and others respect it.
Today, Han Li is no more than a woman who has no power to restrain the chicken, but she has offended Mr. Chu one after another. If this is normal, there is no need for Mr. Chu to act personally. After Li Er and others know it, they will probably kill it directly. The woman.
But after all, she is Qiu Mucheng’s mother and Mr. Chu’s mother-in-law.
Naturally, Lei Aoting and others did not dare to really kill Han Li!
Now that he slapped him with the slap, it was to see that Mr. Chu’s mother-in-law was deceiving too much, insulting Mr. Chu one after another, Lei Aoting couldn’t pass it, and just slapped her twice.
As for no matter how ruthless it is, Lei Aoting undoubtedly dare not use it.
In case the idiot woman was really taken out, Qiu Mucheng blamed it, Lei Aoting estimated that Mr. Chu would be close to his wife by then, and he would definitely listen to her wife and punish him.
Therefore, even if Lei Aoting hated Han Li and his wife very much, he did not dare to attack him.
However, the slap that Lei Aoting had just now clearly shocked Han Li.
The old lady was so scared that she lay on the ground and didn’t dare to move. Maybe she was really afraid that Lei Aoting would kill her again, right?
No one cared about Han Li being beaten.
This kind of idiot is an insignificant role from beginning to end.
If it wasn’t the reason for her to give birth to Qiu Mucheng, otherwise, a figure like this kind of clown would not be qualified to stand here.
At this time, Ye Fansen’s cold voice still echoed in Wu Weitao’s ears.
At that time, Wu Weitao’s expression was stagnant, and he said in shock: “What?”
“You want to seal up Mufan’s real estate?”
“Catch your wife?”
“Is there anything else?”
These words of Ye Fan made Wu Weitao’s heart tremble tomorrow, and he was obviously a little frightened.
For the young man in front of him, Wu Weitao obviously knows some details about him.
The last time Ren Han detained Ye Fan, Chen Ao and Li Erjin both came to fish, and finally Shengli came forward.
It is even said that this incident has alarmed the big figures in the imperial capital.

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