A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 796

Wu Weitao was also involved in this matter, and it was from that time that Wu Weitao knew that their third-tier town in Yunzhou was actually surrounded by a real dragon.
Such a character, Wu Weitao has long wanted to find a chance to make friends and get to know him.
Now the opening ceremony of Mufan Real Estate is an excellent opportunity.
Wu Weitao originally wanted to take this opportunity to completely make Ye Fan a friend.
For this reason, he even personally manipulated his pen and ink and wrote a pair of congratulatory letters to Mu Fan Real Estate Prompt.
But I didn’t expect Wu Weitao to count things, but he only missed his own rebellious son.
After learning from Ye Fan that his son had used his private power to suppress Mufan’s real estate, Wu Weitao’s face sank.
He turned around and glared at Wu Yong, and asked angrily, “What the hell is going on?”
“Hurry up and explain it honestly?!”
“Dad, I…”
Wu Yong was obviously a little panicked. Facing his father’s anger and majesty, he replied with a shiver, “I…I just heard someone report that Mufan Real Estate is operating illegally, so I asked Uncle Wang to come over. Check it out. As your son, it is also my duty to maintain the long-term stability of Yunzhou. I…I just want to share the worries for you, dad.” Remember to read in one second
Wu speaks very well in words, but how small his voice is at this time indicates how guilty he is.
However, when Wu Weitao heard Wu Yong’s words, he kicked over with anger.
Wu Weitao seems to be really angry, his feet can be described as great.
Just kicking Wu Yong from the hall to the door, the painful Wu Yong shed tears and couldn’t get up on the ground.
This scene frightened everyone.
Qiu Muying’s and Chu Wenfei’s faces turned pale after a while. As for the two best friends, Wang Tian and Nangong Ling, they stood there tremblingly, and they didn’t dare to put a fart.
“Share the worry for me?”
“I think you are adding chaos to me!”
“You bastard, how dare you do evil outside in my name?”
“Today, Wu Weitao, I have to clean up the door!”
“Kick you to death~”
“Bad me a big deal!”
The courtyard was dead, only Wu Weitao’s anger echoed.
After kicking Wu Yong, Wu Weitao stepped forward again and kicked Wu Yong wildly.
“Baby was wrong, Babe really dare not.”
“The child is bewitched by others~”
“Dad, please, forgive me~”
“I was bewitched by the villain~”
In the face of Wu Weitao’s violent beating, Wu Yong curled up on the ground like a dog, holding his head for a while, crying and howling, begging for mercy, his nose and tears flowed all over the place.
At this time, Wu Yong was already embarrassed like a dog, where there was the slightest arrogance and domineering when facing Li Xueqi and others before.
“Ushi, it’s okay.”
“stop fighting.”
“If you fight again, Master will really be killed by you~”
“He already knew it was wrong.”
Seeing Wu Yong’s nose and face swollen with blood flowing down his face, Wang Donglai and others hurried to stop him, and then Wu Weitao pulled it off.
“This beast!”
“I, Wu Weitao, a wise one, how did I give birth to such a beast whose success is not enough to fail.”
Wu Weitao was also flushed with anger and trembling all over.
In the end, it seemed that his heart was softened. Wu Weitao finally stopped and didn’t beat Wu Yong again. He was only disappointed and couldn’t help sighing.
“Donglai, it’s better for your son.”
“Love to study, love to read, motivate, and not cause trouble.”
“Compared to Xiaotian, my son’s feces!” Wu Weitao said with hatred for iron and steel, gritted his teeth with anger.
His son was praised by others, and Wang Donglai was undoubtedly happy, and waved his hand pretendingly: “Hey, my Xiaotian is not so good, but it’s true that it doesn’t cause trouble.”

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