A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 797

“He likes to be quiet and he likes to read books. I called him just now and he said he reads books at home. He never participates in such lively occasions, and he doesn’t want to show the limelight, so naturally he won’t cause trouble for me.”
“Wu Yong, it’s not that your uncle said you. In this regard, you will have to learn from your little brother in the future. If you don’t participate in such big occasions, you will naturally avoid trouble and make your father angry.
Wang Donglai said as if showing off, his face was triumphant.
But Wu Yong was lying on the ground at this time, enduring the pain, but with an inexplicable look, he stared at Wang Tian, ​​who was not far ahead.
“Wu Yong, what are you looking at? Hurry up and confess your mistake to your dad.” While he was speaking, Wang Donglai saw this Wu Yong absent-mindedly looking away. He was immediately unhappy, thinking that the mud couldn’t help it. Wall, this son of Wu Shi is considered dead, he is better than his own son, loves to read books.
However, Wang Donglai hadn’t been proud of it long before he turned his head and saw his son Wang Tianlao’s face flushed, standing there like a goose.
“Why are you here?”
“Don’t you bastard reading at home?”
Wang Donglai exploded in an instant. Seeing Wang Tian, ​​his old eyes were staring! First URL m.
It was as if someone slapped her face.
You know, just a second ago, Wang Donglai was still boasting that his son loves to learn and read, and he doesn’t mess with things, so that Wu Yong should study hard with his son, but who would have thought that this slapped face was taken by surprise.
“Dad, I…” Wang Tian lowered his head, full of panic, thinking about how to explain to his father?
However, Wang Donglai didn’t listen, and slapped him directly at the bastard, and shouted angrily: “My Nima?!”
“You rebel, your courage is getting fatter, even Lao Tzu dare to lie?”
“Before I was wondering how Wu Yong would contact Wang Lin.”
“It turns out that it was you, a beast, who matched the bridge inside.”
“Asshole thing, you dare to mess with anyone?”
“See if I won’t kill you today?!”
Wang Donglai has been in the society for so many years, and he has already understood many things without saying more. He can guess at a glance.
Just like this Wang Lin, he is Wang Donglai’s powerful deputy.
It stands to reason that Wu Yong couldn’t talk to Wang Lin.
It must be his own asshole son who also participated in it. With the help of his reputation, he used his own reputation to behave in a mess with Wu.
Thinking of this, Wang Donglai was undoubtedly furious.
Walking over to Wang Tian, ​​there was a violent beating, so that Wang Tian was like Wu Yong, lying on the ground begging for mercy.
“Dad, I was wrong~”
“I know it was wrong.”
“We can’t be blamed entirely, we are bewitched by villains.”
“It’s all the idea of ​​the vicious woman in the Qiu family. We were instigated by the Qiu family~”
Wang Tian was even more persuaded than Wu Yong. Before he was beaten a few times, he was already crying and crying, kneeling on the ground begging for mercy.
In the end, it was Wu Weitao who held Wang Donglai, and then Wang Donglai stopped.
“Okay, come from the east.”
“If you fight again, your son will be killed by you.”
“He knows that 573bc014 is wrong, so don’t fight.” Wu Weitao, just like Wang Donglai persuaded him, also persuaded Wang Dong to come.
Wang Donglai’s face flushed. Looking at Wu Weitao, I was undoubtedly ashamed. I thought he was bragging about his son to Wu Weitao just now, but now…
“Hey, there is no way for the godson, and there is no way for the godson~” Wang Donglai sighed long.
“Yes, it’s our godson who has no choice.” Wu Weitao also shook his head and sighed.
These two are also hard brothers, and both face Ye Fan a little shamelessly at this time.
Finally, Wu Weitao turned around and kicked Wu Yong again: “What are you doing in a daze, bastard? Why don’t you go over and apologize?”
Where Wu Yong dared to say half a word, crawling over like a dog, he pleaded for mercy to Ye Fan and couldn’t help apologizing.

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