A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 81

The old house of the autumn family.
At this time, all the relatives of the Qiu family have arrived, and these are not the people who hold important positions in the Qiu Shui Logistics and speak a little weight.
Qiu Muying looked lazy at this time, but reluctantly, she also arrived at the meeting room of the Qiu family.
“Will let people rest at night?”
“Why is Grandpa looking for us at this time.”
“Is there anything I can’t wait until tomorrow?”
Qiu Muying dared to complain a few words in the hall of Nuo University.
After all, the Qiu Muying’s family is now in the Qiu family’s thunder. After marrying a good family and having a good son-in-law, no one in the Qiu family dares to offend them.
“Yingying, I heard that it seems that it was Qiu Mucheng who called grandpa to hold a temporary meeting. It is said that we were waiting to see his loan contract.” Qiu Muying’s second wife whispered.
“Loan contract?” Qiu Muying frowned, then smiled dismissively, “Just her, it doesn’t matter if you have no background, can you still get the loan contract?”
“I’m afraid she is teasing us.” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Yingying, I think so too. Just one night, I don’t know how Qiu Mucheng can do something against the sky, can the bank give us a loan?”
“But that’s fine. We can take the opportunity to drive her away from the company. We’ve long seen her not pleasing to our eyes.”
Relatives of the Qiu family, you talked in a low voice.
And soon, the old man Qiu also arrived in the chamber, and everyone suddenly became quiet.
At this time, Qiu Muying stepped forward and asked, “Grandpa, did my third sister really get the loan?”
Father Qiu shook his head: “I don’t know, she just asked us to wait here, saying that we can get it tonight.”
“Cut~ I thought she had already got it. Now it seems that he is pure sensationalism.” Qiu Muying sneered, “Grandpa, I think my third sister just broke the pot, knowing that the contract cannot be won. I can’t mix food and drink at the company, so I made us sick before leaving.”
“Grandpa, you think, not to mention whether the third sister can negotiate the loan contract, but everyone is off work this night, and he guesses that he can’t even see anyone, how can I talk about it?”
“She clearly deceived Grandpa.”
“Yes, it’s a white-eyed wolf. The Qiu family treated her this way, and she was so disgusting before we left. Next time I see it, I will definitely not recognize her as a niece.” The Qiu family’s relatives also agreed.
As Mr. Qiu listened, his old face gradually sank.
Obviously, Qiu Muying’s words made Elder Qiu also realize that he might have been fooled by Ye Fan and his wife.
“Qiu Guang, call that inverse girl and ask what she wants to do?” Old man Qiu snorted and ordered immediately.
Seeing that Grandpa was already angry, Qiu Muying immediately became even more proud.
Qiu Mucheng, Qiu Mucheng, you are really a fool. Disgust us with this trick? Annoyed grandpa, I think you are asking for hardship!
“Grandpa, no need, I’m here.”
With a bang, the door was pushed open.
Qiu Mucheng walked in with a blank expression on her bag.
“Huh, Qiu Mucheng, how dare you come?”
“What about the money? Where’s the loan contract? Why didn’t you see it?”
“I don’t think you got it.”
“You don’t have the ability, what are you talking about, still toss us at night?”
“Grandpa’s golden body and jade body, being teased by you like this, if something goes wrong, you will be worried?” Qiu Muying immediately shouted coldly when she saw Qiu Mucheng.
“Yes, Qiu Mucheng, what kind of big tail wolf do you pretend if you are not capable?”
“Because of your excitement at night, you are not ashamed?”
“People like you are the most hateful.”
“I simply shouldn’t stay in the company anymore.”
“We’ll save you some face too. Let’s quit our job and let us be expelled.” The relatives of the Qiu family also agreed with Qiu Muying, and they reprimanded Qiu Mucheng in disgust.
His wife is expensive, and Qiu Muying is now married to a good husband. Of course, Qiu’s family flatters. As for Qiu Mucheng, she married a waste of money, no one can afford it, and naturally no one cares about her dignity.
As the so-called persimmons are soft, Qiu Mucheng’s family remarks slightly, and the Qiu family naturally stepped on it intentionally or unconsciously.
However, in the face of everyone’s reprimand, Qiu Mucheng turned a deaf ear to it, but ignored it, and did not even look at Qiu Muying and the others.
“Qiu Mucheng, what will this lady ask you, are you deaf or dumb?” Qiu Mucheng’s ignorance suddenly made Qiu Muying even more angry.
Qiu Mucheng still didn’t look at her, and Qi Muying’s face flushed with anger. When she was about to drink coldly, she heard a slap, a stack of documents, but was put on the conference table by Qiu Mucheng.
“Grandpa, granddaughter has got the loan contract as you wish.”

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