A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 82

“The 20 million loan will be issued in four batches. The first batch of loans will be received tomorrow.”
“This is a loan document, please go through it with Grandpa.”
Qiu Mucheng’s words were cold, and her faint voice was like a slap, violently inciting everyone’s faces.
Qiu Muying and others were stunned.
“Really… Really talked about it?”
“But how is this possible?”
Qiu Muying didn’t believe it at all, and immediately took two steps in three steps, ran forward, opened the documents and looked at it.
“Twenty million?”
“The Hongqi Bank loaned it?”
“Damn, Mucheng, how did you do it?”
“Hongqi Bank is a noble bank. Even if our old man comes forward, no one will see you. You can get a loan from Hongqi Bank?” Everyone in the Qiu family was already shocked, with eyes full of disbelief. Remember to read in one second
Red Flag Bank is in Yunzhou. This bank only does large orders, and its customers are basically state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises, and large enterprises such as the world’s top 500. Small companies like them are usually dismissed.
“Xu Lei’s signature?”
“Damn, the richest man in Yunzhou!”
“Mucheng, did you negotiate this contract with President Xu?”
As everyone trembled, Qiu Guang yelled out again, apparently completely shocked by the signature on the contract.
Who is Xu Lei?
Yunzhou’s foremost strongman, who is as famous as Yunzhou Li Erye, is in charge of half the sky in Yunzhou, and is the richest man in Yunzhou.
This kind of gangster-level superwoman is regarded as her idol by Qiu Muying, Qiu Guang and others. On weekdays, they didn’t even have the right to meet, let alone negotiate a contract with her.
Now that Xu Lei signed the loan contract, everyone naturally trembled.
“Fake, it must be fake!”
“What’s your identity?”
“A humble person, a wasteful wife, how can someone like you come into contact with a big boss like Mr. Xu? Let alone negotiate a contract with her?”
“Grandpa, this contract must be fake, don’t you be fooled by him?”
“Qiu Mucheng’s use of a fake contract to deceive people is really shameful.”
“I also forged President Xu’s signature, negotiated business with President Xu, and didn’t look at his own virtues. Are you worthy?” Qiu Muying shouted viciously.
However, at this time, Qiu Guang’s phone suddenly vibrated.
“Fuck, father!”
“Fifty million, fifty million to the company account.”
“The lender, Hongqi Bank?”
Qiu Guang’s words are like a huge boulder entering the sea, setting off a monstrous wave in the hall of the Qiu family.
Everyone in the Qiu family was shocked, and everyone was shocked.
Elder Qiu stood up in shock, but Qiu Muying, if struck by lightning, stayed there.
“This…this…this contract, is it true?”
This text message, like a slap, hit everyone in the Qiu Family’s face fiercely, Qiu Muying and others’ old faces were almost swollen.
For a time, all the doubts disappeared.
The Qiu family hall was silent.
Outside the old house, the moonlight is like water.
There is wind blowing, grass moving, and insects singing.
Under the moonlit night, a thin figure was sitting on the stone steps with a dog’s tail grass in his mouth, talking on the phone.
“Mr. Chu, according to your instructions, the first batch of loans has been issued to the company account of Qiushui Logistics in advance tonight.”
“Well, Mr. Xu, thanks, I will invite you to dinner when you have time.” Ye Fan said politely.
“Giggle~” On the other end of the phone, there was a trembling chuckle, and Ye Fan could feel the waves in front of the woman through the phone.
Some women do not see their people, only hear their voices, but still tempt people.
“Mr. Chu is polite. I don’t ask for anything else, I just want to get Mr. Chu’s one-thousandth of the favor of Miss Qiu.
On the other side of the phone, Xu Lei’s beautiful voice came.
Ye Fan shook his head and smiled faintly, “Mr. Xu, then you are really greedy.”
Later, Ye Fandang even hung up the phone.
He is unique to his wife, how can he be separated by others?
Champs villa.
In the female boudoir, Xu Lei also gradually put down the phone. Looking at the night sky outside the window, he smiled inexplicably.
“Qiu Mucheng?”
“Really, it’s enviable.”
The whispered words drifted far along the wind outside the window.

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