A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 83

“How is it possible, from the end of the family meeting during the day to now, it only takes a few hours.”
“464063d7 just for a while, have you negotiated the loan?”
“Or Mr. Xu signed it himself? But how is this possible?”
Qiu Muying was already dumbfounded, it was hard to believe.
Others are also full of shock, even now, they can hardly accept the reality before them.
Seeing the bewilderment of the Qiu family, Qiu Mucheng snorted: “What I said may be fake. The contract in my hand may also be forged. But the 50 million loan, is it still Can my Qiu Mucheng be deceived?”
Qiu Mucheng’s eyes were full of sarcasm, but she questioned everyone.
For a while, no one can talk about it!
After all, as Qiu Mucheng said, the first batch of loans has now been paid. Then the authenticity of this contract is undoubtedly confirmed.
However, even now, Qiu Muying still doesn’t believe it, and smiles coldly: “San Jie, you don’t have to be proud of it first, maybe it was my husband’s greeting to Hongqi Bank, and let Hongqi Bank pay our Qiu’s money . You’re lucky, so you just picked this cheap.”
“Yes, yes, it’s very possible.” The first URL m.
“In our entire Qiu family, Wen Fei also has this ability and this face. She is a wife of a door-to-door son-in-law, how can she be qualified to be the richest man in Yunzhou, Mr. Xu personally receives it.”
Hearing Qiu Muying’s words, everyone felt very reasonable, and they all agreed.
When Qiu Mucheng heard this, she almost died of anger.
Obviously it was the favor of her husband, but she didn’t expect that Qiu Muying would still be robbing her of merit.
But Qiu Mucheng wasn’t a fool either, she immediately retorted in public: “Really? Since you think it is Chu Wenfei’s credit, you might as well call your husband in public. If it is him, you will know when you ask. ”
“Just ask. Qiu Mucheng, when my husband admits it, I will see how you end up?” Qiu Muying couldn’t help but said, picking up the phone and broadcasting it confidently, and directly turned on the speakerphone.
“My dear, I’m Yingying.” The call was connected, and Qiu Muying, who had been pungent in front of Qiu Mucheng just now, suddenly became a little birdy.
Qiu Mucheng looked at her with a burst of anger in her heart: “Huh, how will you pretend later will see?”
“Yingying, what’s the matter? Did you miss me again, last night…” Chu Wenfei didn’t know that his phone call was being broadcast live at this time, and he didn’t hesitate to speak.
Qiu Muying blushed immediately, and quickly interrupted Chu Wenfei’s words: “Okay, don’t talk nonsense, my grandfather is listening and discussing business.”
“I ask you, husband, did you say hello to Hongqi Bank? Ask Mr. Xu to lend us Qiushui Logistics?”
Chu Wenfei was taken aback for a moment: “What is President Xu? What kind of loan?”
Qiu Muying snorted in her heart: “As for the manager of Hongqi Bank, we are the richest man in Yunzhou, Mr. Xu Lei and Xu.”
“Fuck, it’s her. She is the number one big man in Yunzhou City. How do I know her?”
“What about our parents, do they know? Did you call them to help?” Qiu Muying was unwilling to ask, and continued to ask.
“Blind, my parents don’t know this kind of bigwig either. They are top powers and we are not in the same circle. Only Yunzhou Li Erye can talk to him.” Chu Wen Fei is usually able to pretend, but in front of Xu Lei, he has no guts to pretend.
One can imagine what kind of prestige Xu Lei has in Yunzhou.
“Okay, hang up.”
Qiu Muying immediately hung up the phone. At this moment, her face was blue like pig liver, where there was the arrogance before, she didn’t dare to say a word.
“Sister Si, how is it? Now that there is nothing to say, right?” Qiu Mucheng snorted.
At this time, the old man Qiu laughed and said, “Haha~”
“Mucheng, you did a good job. You didn’t disappoint Grandpa.”
“As a reward, your salary will triple this month.”
three times!

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